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Functions in OpenMx

Name Description
MxAlgebra-class MxAlgebra Class
MxCharOrNumber-class A character or integer
MxCompute-class MxCompute
MxFlatModel-class MxFlatModel
MxFitFunction-class MxFitFunction
MxDataFrameOrMatrix-class MxDataFrameOrMatrix
MxExpectationGREML-class Class "MxExpectationGREML"
MxDataStatic-class Create static data
MxCI-class MxCI Class
MxBounds-class MxBounds Class
MxExpectation-class MxExpectation
MxDirectedGraph-class MxDirectedGraph
MxOptionalLogical-class An optional logical
MxFitFunctionGREML-class Class "MxFitFunctionGREML"
MxOptionalNumeric-class An optional numeric
MxOptionalMatrix-class An optional matrix
cvectorize Vectorize By Column
MxRAMGraph-class MxRAMGraph
MxInterval-class MxInterval
MxCharOrLogical-class A character or logical
MxCharOrList-class A character, list or NULL
MxOptionalDataFrame-class An optional data.frame
MxLISRELModel-class MxLISRELModel
MxOptionalInteger-class An optional integer
Oscillator Oscillator Data for Latent Differential Equations
MxVersionType-class A package_version or character
MxRAMModel-class MxRAMModel
expm Matrix exponential
factorExample1 Example Factor Analysis Data
MxOptionalChar-class An optional character
diag2vec Extract Diagonal of a Matrix
MxOptionalCharOrNumber-class A character, integer, or NULL
demoTwoFactor Demonstration data for a two factor model
MxConstraint-class Class "MxConstraint"
MxData-class MxData Class
genericFitDependencies,MxBaseFitFunction-method Add dependencies
imxCreateMatrix Create a matrix
imxAddDependency Add a dependency
dzoData Example twin extended kinship data: DZ opposite sex twins
dzfData Example twin extended kinship data: DZ female data
eigenvec Eigenvector/Eigenvalue Decomposition
demoOneFactor Demonstration data for a one factor model
as.statusCode Convert a numeric or character vector into an optimizer status code factor
imxCheckVariables imxCheckVariables
imxConvertLabel imxConvertLabel
imxConvertSubstitution imxConvertSubstitution
imxConDecMatrixSlots Condense/de-condense slots of an MxMatrix
factorScaleExample1 Example Factor Analysis Data for Scaling the Model
factorScaleExample2 Example Factor Analysis Data for Scaling the Model
imxDefaultGetSlotDisplayNames imxDefaultGetSlotDisplayNames
imxDeparse Deparse for MxObjects
imxExtractNames imxExtractNames
imxHasDefinitionVariable imxHasDefinitionVariable
imxFlattenModel Remove hierarchical structure from model
imxGetNumThreads imxGetNumThreads
imxGentleResize Resize an MxMatrix while preserving entries
imxExtractMethod imxExtractMethod
imxFreezeModel Freeze model
MxListOrNull-class An optional list
mxModelAverage Information-Theoretic Model-Averaging and Multimodel Inference
imxHasConstraint imxHasConstraint
imxDataTypes Valid types of data that can be contained by MxData
imxGetSlotDisplayNames imxGetSlotDisplayNames
imxIsDefinitionVariable imxIsDefinitionVariable
OpenMx OpenMx: An package for Structural Equation Modeling and Matrix Algebra Optimization
MxMatrix-class MxMatrix Class
Named-entity Named Entities
imxIsMultilevel imxIsMultilevel
imxGenerateNamespace imxGenerateNamespace
imxLog Test thread-safe output code
MxModel-class MxModel Class
example1 Bivariate twin data, wide-format from Classic Mx Manual
imxConvertIdentifier imxConvertIdentifier
imxDmvnorm A C implementation of dmvnorm
imxGenericModelBuilder imxGenericModelBuilder
imxReplaceMethod imxReplaceMethod
example2 Bivariate twin data, long-format from Classic Mx Manual
imxConstraintRelations imxConstraintRelations
imxAutoOptionValue imxAutoOptionValue
imxCheckMatrices imxCheckMatrices
imxReplaceModels Replace parts of a model
dzmData Example twin extended kinship data: DZ Male data
imxEvalByName imxEvalByName
imxIndependentModels Are submodels independent?
imxInitModel imxInitModel
imxLocateIndex imxLocateIndex
imxSimpleRAMPredicate imxSimpleRAMPredicate
imxSfClient imxSfClient
imxVerifyModel imxVerifyModel
imxVerifyName imxVerifyName
multiData1 Data for multiple regression
imxLocateLabel imxLocateLabel
imxGenSwift imxGenSwift
imxDependentModels Are submodels dependence?
mxBootstrapStdizeRAMpaths Bootstrap distribution of standardized RAM path coefficients
mxAlgebra Create MxAlgebra Object
imxExtractReferences imxExtractReferences
imxExtractSlot imxExtractSlot
imxDetermineDefaultOptimizer imxDetermineDefaultOptimizer
imxHasOpenMP imxHasOpenMP
imxPPML.Test.Test imxPPML.Test.Test
imxPreprocessModel imxPreprocessModel
imxIsPath imxIsPath
imxHasThresholds imxHasThresholds
imxGenerateLabels imxGenerateLabels
mxComputeDefault Default compute plan
mxComputeEM Fit a model using DLR's (1977) Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithm
mxBounds Create MxBounds Object
mxComputeLoadMatrix Load data from CSV files directly into the backend
mxComputeLoadData Load columns into an MxData object
imxLocateFunction imxLocateFunction
lazarsfeld Respondent-soldiers on four dichotomous items
imxOriginalMx Run an classic mx script
imxLookupSymbolTable imxLookupSymbolTable
logm Matrix logarithm
imxMpiWrap imxMpiWrap
imxUntitledNumberReset imxUntitledNumberReset
imxReverseIdentifier imxReverseIdentifier
imxUpdateModelValues imxUpdateModelValues
imxReservedNames imxReservedNames
imxSparseInvert Sparse symmetric matrix invert
mxComputeTryCatch Execute a sub-compute plan, catching errors
imxHasWLS imxHasWLS
imxSquareMatrix imxSquareMatrix
imxVerifyReference imxVerifyReference
imxSameType imxSameType
imxReportProgress Report backend progress
imxTypeName imxTypeName
imxReplaceSlot imxReplaceSlot
imxWlsChiSquare Calculate Chi Square for a WLS Model
imxSeparatorChar imxSeparatorChar
imxSymmetricMatrix imxSymmetricMatrix
mxAutoStart Automatically set starting values for an MxModel
mxAvailableOptimizers mxAvailableOptimizers
mxCompare Likelihood ratio test
imxVerifyMatrix imxVerifyMatrix
mxCheckIdentification Check that a model is locally identified
imxWlsStandardErrors Calculate Standard Errors for a WLS Model
jointdata Joint Ordinal and continuous variables to be modeled together
mxComputeHessianQuality Compute the quality of the Hessian
mxCI Create mxCI Object
imxIdentifier imxIdentifier
mxComputeIterate Repeatedly invoke a series of compute objects until change is less than tolerance
imxModelBuilder imxModelBuilder
mxAlgebraFromString Create MxAlgebra object from a string
imxVariableTypes imxVariableTypes
mxComputeBootstrap Repeatedly estimate model using resampling with replacement
mxComputeTryHard Repeatedly attempt a compute plan until successful
imxModelTypes imxModelTypes
mxDescribeDataWLS Determine whether a dataset will have weights and summary statistics for the means if used with mxFitFunctionWLS
mxAlgebraObjective DEPRECATED: Create MxAlgebraObjective Object
mxFIMLObjective DEPRECATED: Create MxFIMLObjective Object
mxGenerateData Generate data based on an mxModel (or a data.frame)
mxEval Evaluate Values in MxModel
mxPath Create List of Paths
mxFactor Fail-safe Factors
mxGREMLDataHandler Helper Function for Structuring GREML Data
mxComputeNewtonRaphson Optimize parameters using the Newton-Raphson algorithm
mxComputeGenerateData Generate data
mxPearsonSelCov Perform Pearson Aitken selection
mxComputeNothing Compute nothing
mxComputeStandardError Compute standard errors
mxComputeSimAnnealing Optimization using generalized simulated annealing
mxComputeNumericDeriv Numerically estimate Hessian using Richardson extrapolation
mxEvaluateOnGrid Evaluate an algebra on an abscissa grid and collect column results
mxComputeGradientDescent Optimize parameters using a gradient descent optimizer
mxComputeOnce Compute something once
imxPPML.Test.Battery imxPPML.Test.Battery
mxExpectationBA81 Create a Bock & Aitkin (1981) expectation
mxExpectationNormal Create MxExpectationNormal Object
mxRObjective DEPRECATED: Create MxRObjective Object
mxComputeNelderMead Optimize parameters using a variation of the Nelder-Mead algorithm.
mxData Create MxData Object
mxComputeLoop Repeatedly invoke a series of compute objects
mxConstraint Create MxConstraint Object
mxExpectationLISREL Create MxExpectationLISREL Object
imxRobustSE imxRobustSE
mxComputeSetOriginalStarts Reset parameter starting values
mxComputeSequence Invoke a series of compute objects in sequence
mxExpectationMixture Mixture expectation
mxExpectationRAM Create an MxExpectationRAM Object
mxFitFunctionGREML Create MxFitFunctionGREML Object
mxFitFunctionMultigroup Create a fit function used to fit multiple-group models
mxFitFunctionR Create MxFitFunctionR Object
mxModel Create MxModel Object
imxRowGradients imxRowGradients
mxDataWLS Create legacy MxData Object for Least Squares (WLS, DWLS, ULS) Analyses
mxDataDynamic Create dynamic data
mxExpectationStateSpace Create an MxExpectationStateSpace Object
mxExpectationStateSpaceContinuousTime Create an MxExpectationStateSpace Object
mxFitFunctionWLS Create MxFitFunctionWLS Object
mxFitFunctionRow Create an MxFitFunctionRow Object
mxRestore Restore model state from a checkpoint file
mxSetDefaultOptions Reset global options to the default
mxNormalQuantiles mxNormalQuantiles
mxRetro Return random classic Mx error message
mxThreshold Create List of Thresholds
mxStandardizeRAMpaths Standardize RAM models' path coefficients
mxRename Rename MxModel or a Submodel
imxUntitledName imxUntitledName
myGrowthMixtureData Data for a growth mixture model
mxSimplify2Array Like simplify2array but works with vectors of different lengths
mxOption Set or Clear an Optimizer Option
numHess2 numeric Hessian data 2
omxBrownie Make Brownies in OpenMx
omxBuildAutoStartModel Build the model used for mxAutoStart
numHess1 numeric Hessian data 1
omxCheckWarning Correct Warning Message Function
omxCheckTrue Boolean Equality Testing Function
omxLogical Logical mxAlgebra() operators
mxFitFunctionML Create MxFitFunctionML Object
omxManifestModelByParameterJacobian Estimate the Jacobian of manifest model with respect to parameters
mxParametricBootstrap Assess whether potential parameters should be freed using parametric bootstrap
myLongitudinalData Data for a linear latent growth curve model
mxRun Run an OpenMx model
mxRowObjective DEPRECATED: Create MxRowObjective Object
mxVersion Returns Current Version String
imxUntitledNumber imxUntitledNumber
myRegDataRaw Example regression data with correlated predictors
myAutoregressiveData Example data with autoregressively related columns
omxCheckCloseEnough Approximate Equality Testing Function
mxKalmanScores Estimate Kalman scores and error covariance matrices
omxCheckIdentical Exact Equality Testing Function
omxCheckNamespace omxCheckNamespace
omxCheckSetEquals Set Equality Testing Function
omxCheckError Correct Error Message Function
mxLISRELObjective Create MxLISRELObjective Object
mxMI Estimate Modification Indices for MxModel Objects
omxCheckEquals Equality Testing Function
myRegData Example regression data with correlated predictors
omxCheckWithinPercentError Approximate Percent Equality Testing Function
mxSave Save model state to a checkpoint file
mxSE Compute standard errors in OpenMx
mxMLObjective DEPRECATED: Create MxMLObjective Object
myGrowthKnownClassData Data for a growth mixture model with the true class membership
myFADataRaw Example 500-row dataset with 12 generated variables
myTwinData Duplicate of twinData
omxAllInt All Interval Multivariate Normal Integration
mzfData Example twin extended kinship data: MZ female twins
omxConstrainMLThresholds omxConstrainMLThresholds
omxLocateParameters Get the location (model, matrix, row, column) and other info for a parameter
omxLapply On-Demand Parallel Lapply
omxApply On-Demand Parallel Apply
omxDefaultComputePlan Construct default compute plan
omxGetParameters Fetch Model Parameters
latentMultipleRegExample1 Example data for multiple regression among latent variables
omxGetRAMDepth omxGetRAMDepth
omxSapply On-Demand Parallel Sapply
omxReadGRMBin Read a GCTA-Format Binary GRM into R.
mxBootstrap Repeatedly estimate model using resampling with replacement
mxBootstrapEval Evaluate Values in a bootstrapped MxModel
omxDetectCores omxDetectCores
omxMatrixOperations MxMatrix operations
omxMnor Multivariate Normal Integration
latentMultipleRegExample2 Example data for multiple regression among latent variables
omxRAMtoML omxRAMtoML
omxRMSEA Get the RMSEA with confidence intervals from model
mxComputeCheckpoint Log parameters and state to disk or memory
mxComputeConfidenceInterval Find likelihood-based confidence intervals
omxParallelCI Calculate confidence intervals without re-doing the primary optimization.
mxComputeJacobian Numerically estimate the Jacobian with respect to free parameters
rvectorize Vectorize By Row
mxComputeLoadContext Load contextual data to supplement checkpoint
ordinalTwinData Data for ordinal twin model
mxComputeReportDeriv Report derivatives
omxQuotes omxQuotes
mxComputeReportExpectation Report expectation
mxExpectationHiddenMarkov Hidden Markov expectation
mxFitFunctionAlgebra Create MxFitFunctionAlgebra Object
mxFactorScores Estimate factor scores and standard errors
mxExpectationGREML Create MxExpectationGREML Object
mxGetExpected Extract the component from a model's expectation
mxJiggle Jiggle parameter values.
twinData Australian twin sample biometric data.
summary.MxModel Model Summary
tr trace
mxMakeNames mxMakeNames
twin_NA_dot Twin biometric data (Practice cleaning: "." for missing data, wrong data types etc.)
mxMatrix Create MxMatrix Object
mxPowerSearch Power curve
mxRAMObjective DEPRECATED: Create MxRAMObjective Object
mxTryHard Make multiple attempts to run a model
mxTypes List Currently Available Model Types
mzmData Example twin extended kinship data: MZ Male data
omxModelDeleteData Remove all instances of data from a model
omxAssignFirstParameters Assign First Available Values to Model Parameters
nuclear_twin_design_data Twin data from a nuclear family design
omxGetBootstrapReplications omxGetBootstrapReplications
omxAugmentDataWithWLSSummary Estimate summary statistics used by the WLS fit function
omxGraphviz Show RAM Model in Graphviz Format
omxNameAnonymousParameters omxNameAnonymousParameters
vechs2full Inverse Strict Half-vectorization
vech2full Inverse Half-vectorization
omxSetParameters Assign Model Parameters
omxHasDefaultComputePlan omxHasDefaultComputePlan
omxSymbolTable Internal OpenMx algebra operations
vechs Strict Half-vectorization
omxSaturatedModel Create Reference (Saturated and Independence) Models
omxSelectRowsAndCols Filter rows and columns from an mxMatrix
vec2diag Create Diagonal Matrix From Vector
vech Half-vectorization
MxBaseExpectation-class MxBaseExpectation
BaseCompute-class BaseCompute
MxBaseFitFunction-class MxBaseFitFunction
MxBaseNamed-class MxBaseNamed Holzinger & Swineford (1939) Ability in 301 children from 2 schools
MxBaseObjectiveMetaData-class MxBaseObjectiveMetaData
LongitudinalOverdispersedCounts Longitudinal, Overdispersed Count Data
MxAlgebraFormula-class MxAlgebraFormula
Bollen Bollen Data on Industrialization and Political Democracy
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