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Mapping Fisheries Data and Spatial Analysis Tools

This software has evolved from fisheries research conducted at the Pacific Biological Station (PBS) in 'Nanaimo', British Columbia, Canada. It extends the R language to include two-dimensional plotting features similar to those commonly available in a Geographic Information System (GIS). Embedded C code speeds algorithms from computational geometry, such as finding polygons that contain specified point events or converting between longitude-latitude and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates. Additionally, we include 'C++' code developed by Angus Johnson for the 'Clipper' library, data for a global shoreline, and other data sets in the public domain. Under the user's R library directory '.libPaths()', specifically in './PBSmapping/doc', a complete user's guide is offered and should be consulted to use package functions effectively.

Functions in PBSmapping

Name Description
addLabels Add Labels to an Existing Plot
addLines Add a PolySet to an Existing Plot as Polylines
addPoints Add EventData/PolyData to an Existing Plot as Points
joinPolys Join One or Two PolySets using a Logic Operation
addPolys Add a PolySet to an Existing Plot as Polygons
clipPolys Clip a PolySet as Polygons
closePolys Close a PolySet
makeGrid Make a Grid of Polygons
importEvents Import EventData from a Text File
importGSHHS Import Data from a GSHHS Database
LocationSet LocationSet Objects
addCompass Add Compass to Map
makeProps Make Polygon Properties
makeTopography Make Topography Data from Online Source
calcMidRange Calculate the Midpoint of the X/Y Ranges of Polygons
extractPolyData Extract PolyData from a PolySet
calcSummary Apply Functions to Polygons in a PolySet
dividePolys Divide a Single Polygon into Several Polygons
locateEvents Locate Events on the Current Plot
locatePolys Locate Polygons on the Current Plot
PBSmapping PBS Mapping: Draw Maps and Implement Other GIS Procedures
towTracks Data: Tow Track Polylines from Longspine Thornyhead Survey
PBSprint Specify Whether to Print Summaries
calcCentroid Calculate the Centroids of Polygons
calcConvexHull Calculate the Convex Hull for a Set of Points
convCP Convert Contour Lines into a PolySet
convDP Convert EventData/PolyData into a PolySet
fixBound Fix the Boundary Points of a PolySet
placeHoles Place Holes Under Solids
bcBathymetry Data: Bathymetry Spanning British Columbia's Coast
calcGCdist Calculate Great-Circle Distance
plotLines Plot a PolySet as Polylines
plotMap Plot a PolySet as a Map
fixPOS Fix the POS Column of a PolySet
importShapefile Import an ESRI Shapefile
isConvex Determine Whether Polygons are Convex
plotPoints Plot EventData/PolyData as Points
thinPolys Thin a PolySet of Polygons
calcLength Calculate the Length of Polylines
nepacLL Data: Shorelines of the NE Pacific Ocean and of the World
calcArea Calculate the Areas of Polygons
rotatePolys Rotate Polygons and Events
towData Data: Tow Information from Longspine Thornyhead Survey
combineEvents Combine Measurements of Events
summary Summarize PBS Mapping Objects
combinePolys Combine Several Polygons into a Single Polygon
findCells Find Grid Cells that Contain Events
convLP Convert Polylines into a Polygon
importLocs Import LocationSet from a text file
convUL Convert Coordinates between UTM and Lon/Lat
importPolys Import PolySet from a text file
pythagoras Data: Pythagoras' Theorem Diagram PolySet
surveyData Data: Tow Information from Pacific Ocean Perch Survey
refocusWorld Refocus the worldLL/worldLLhigh Data Sets
thickenPolys Thicken a PolySet of Polygons
findPolys Find Polygons that Contain Events
plotPolys Plot a PolySet as Polygons
print Print PBS Mapping Objects
PolySet PolySet Objects
EventData EventData Objects
addBubbles Add Bubbles to Maps
PolyData PolyData Objects
calcVoronoi Calculate the Voronoi (Dirichlet) Tesselation for a Set of Points
addStipples Add Stipples to an Existing Plot
appendPolys Append a Two-Column Matrix to a PolySet
clipLines Clip a PolySet as Polylines
isIntersecting Determine Whether Polygons are Self-Intersecting
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Date 2019-03-14
Copyright 2003-2019, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
SystemRequirements C++11
NeedsCompilation yes
License GPL (>= 2)
URL https://github.com/pbs-software/pbs-mapping, https://github.com/pbs-software/pbs-mapx, http://www.angusj.com/delphi/clipper.php
Packaged 2019-03-14 18:13:33 UTC; haighr
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-03-15 09:13:49 UTC

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