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GUI Tools Made Easy: Interact with Models and Explore Data

Provides software to facilitate the design, testing, and operation of computer models. It focuses particularly on tools that make it easy to construct and edit a customized graphical user interface ('GUI'). Although our simplified 'GUI' language depends heavily on the R interface to the 'Tcl/Tk' package, a user does not need to know 'Tcl/Tk'. Examples illustrate models built with other R packages, including 'PBSmapping', 'PBSddesolve', and 'BRugs'. A complete user's guide 'PBSmodelling-UG.pdf' shows how to use this package effectively.

Functions in PBSmodelling

Name Description
PBSmodelling PBS Modelling
calcFib Calculate Fibonacci Numbers by Several Methods
calcGM Calculate the Geometric Mean, Allowing for Zeroes
clearAll Remove all R Objects From a Specified Environment
clearPBSext Clear File Extension Associations
expandGraph Expand the Plot Area by Adjusting Margins
findPrefix Find a Prefix Based on Names of Existing Files
getWinFun Retrieve Names of Functions Referenced in a Window
findProgram Locates a program in the PATH environment variable
getWinVal Retrieve Widget Values for Use in R Code
lisp List Objects in .PBSmodEnv Workspace
loadOptions Save and Load Options to and from Disk
loadC Launch a GUI for Compiling and Loading C Code
loadOptionsGUI Load and Save Options Values to and from a GUI
plotCsum Plot Cumulative Sum of Data
plotFriedEggs Render a Pairs Plot as Fried Eggs and Beer
plotSidebars Plot Table as Horizontal Sidebars
plotDens Plot Density Curves from a Data Frame, Matrix, or Vector
plotTrace Plot Trace Lines from a Data Frame, Matrix, or Vector
presentTalk Run a Presentation in R
runExample Run a Single GUI Example Included with PBS Modelling
runExamples Run GUI Examples Included with PBS Modelling
setGUIoptions Set PBS Options from Widget Values
setPBSext Set a Command Associated with a File Name Extension
clipVector Clip a Vector at One or Both Ends
closeWin Close GUI Window(s)
convSlashes Convert Slashes from UNIX to DOS
showAlert Display a Message in an Alert Window
showRes Show Results of Expression Represented by Text
showVignettes Display Vignettes for Packages
showArgs Display Expected Widget Arguments
unpackList Unpack List Elements into Variables
createVector Create a GUI with a Vector Widget
updateGUI Update Active GUI With Local Values
vbdata Data: Lengths-at-Age for von Bertalanffy Curve
vbpars Data: Initial Parameters for a von Bertalanffy Curve
getChoice Choose One String Item from a List of Choices
writeList Write a List to a File in PBS Modelling Format
writePBSoptions Write PBS Options to an External File
getGUIoptions Get PBS Options for Widgets
talk-class S4: Present Talk Classes
addArrows Add Arrows to a Plot Using Relative (0:1) Coordinates
getOptionsPrefix Get and Set GUI Prefix of Options Class
getPBSext Get a Command Associated With a File Name
lucent Convert Solid Colours to Translucence
openExamples Open Example Files from a Package
calcMin Calculate the Minimum of a User-Defined Function
pickCol Pick a Colour From a Palette and get the Hexadecimal Code
plotACF Plot Autocorrelation Bars From a Data Frame, Matrix, or Vector
CCA.qbr Data: Sampled Counts of Quillback Rockfish (Sebastes maliger)
GT0 Restrict a Numeric Variable to a Positive Value
cleanWD Launch a GUI for File Deletion
cleanProj Launch a GUI for Project File Deletion
addLabel Add a Label to a Plot Using Relative (0:1) Coordinates
chooseWinVal Choose and Set a String Item in a GUI
createWin Create a GUI Window
addLegend Add a Legend to a Plot Using Relative (0:1) Coordinates
clearRcon Clear the R Console / Focus on the RGui Window
declareGUIoptions Declare Option Names that Correspond with Widget Names
scalePar Scale Parameters to [0,1]
initHistory Create Structures for a New History Widget
focusWin Set the Focus on a Particular Window
readPBSoptions Read PBS Options from an External File
genMatrix Generate Test Matrices for plotBubbles
isWhat Identify an Object and Print Information
compileC Compile a C File into a Shared Library Object
clearWinVal Remove all Current Widget Variables
resetGraph Reset par Values for a Plot
selectDir Display Dialogue: Select directory
compileDescription Convert and Save a Window Description as a List
setWidgetColor Update Widget Color
doAction Execute Action Created by a Widget
exportHistory Export a Saved History
getOptions Get and Set User Options
getPBSoptions Retrieve A User Option
findPat Search a Character Vector to Find Multiple Patterns
setwdGUI Browse for Working Directory and Optionally Find Prefix
getOptionsFileName Get and Set File Name for Saving and Loading of Options
setWidgetState Update Widget State
drawBars Draw a Linear Barplot on the Current Plot
testCol Display Colours Available Using a Set of Strings
getYes Prompt the User to Choose Yes or No
getWinAct Retrieve the Last Window Action
testLty Display Line Types Available
show0 Convert Numbers into Text with Specified Decimal Places
importHistory Import a History List from a File
pad0 Pad Values with Leading Zeroes
packList Pack a List with Objects
testWidgets Display Sample GUIs and their Source Code
tget Get/Print Objects From or Put Objects Into Temporary Work Environment
openFile Open a File with an Associated Program
openUG Open Package User Guide
view View First/Last/Random n Elements/Rows of an Object
parseWinFile Convert a Window Description File into a List Object
pause Pause Between Graphics Displays or Other Calculations
plotAsp Construct a Plot with a Specified Aspect Ratio
plotBubbles Construct a Bubble Plot from a Matrix
viewCode View Package R Code
restorePar Get Actual Parameters from Scaled Values
promptWriteOptions Prompt the User to Write Changed Options
runDemos Interactive GUI for R Demos
readList Read a List from an ASCII File
selectFile Display Dialogue: Open or Save File
setFileOption Set a PBS File Path Option Interactively
setPBSoptions Set A User Option
showHelp Display HTML Help Pages for Packages in Browser
setPathOption Set a PBS Path Option Interactively
showPacks Show Packages Required But Not Installed
testLwd Display Line Widths
testPch Display Plotting Symbols or Octal Strings
setWinAct Add a Window Action to the Saved Action Vector
setWinVal Update Widget Values
sortHistory Sort an Active or Saved History
testAlpha Test Various Alpha Transparency Values
PBSoptions-class S4: Project Options Class
evalCall Evaluate a Function Call
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Date 2019-03-12
Copyright 2005-2019, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
NeedsCompilation yes
SystemRequirements BWidget
License GPL (>= 2)
URL https://github.com/pbs-software/pbs-modelling
Packaged 2019-03-12 21:03:10 UTC; HaighR
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-03-14 13:53:54 UTC

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