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Helpers for Parameters in Black-Box Optimization, Tuning and Machine Learning

Functions for parameter descriptions and operations in black-box optimization, tuning and machine learning. Parameters can be described (type, constraints, defaults, etc.), combined to parameter sets and can in general be programmed on. A useful OptPath object (archive) to log function evaluations is also provided.

Functions in ParamHelpers

Name Description
getLower Get lower / upper bounds and allowed discrete values for parameters.
getOptPathBestIndex Get index of the best element from optimization path.
evaluateParamExpressions Evaluates all expressions within a parameter.
dropParams Drop Params from ParamSet by ids.
getOptPathCol Get column from the optimization path.
getOptPathCols Get columns from the optimization path.
generateDesignOfDefaults Generates a design with the defaults of a parameter set.
filterParams Get parameter subset of only certain parameters.
getOptPathEl Get an element from the optimization path.
generateDesign Generates a statistical design for a parameter set.
getOptPathErrorMessages Get error-message vector from the optimization path.
checkParamSet Sanity check expressions of a parameter set.
generateGridDesign Generates a grid design for a parameter set.
generateRandomDesign Generates a random design for a parameter set.
getOptPathExecTimes Get exec-time vector from the optimization path.
getOptPathLength Get the length of the optimization path.
getOptPathY Get y-vector or y-matrix from the optimization path.
getParamIds Return ids of parameters in parameter set.
getDefaults Return defaults of parameters in parameter set.
hasRequires Check parameter / parameter set for requirements / dependencies.
getParamTypes Returns type information for a parameter set.
getOptPathDOB Get date-of-birth vector from the optimization path.
getOptPathEOL Get end-of-life vector from the optimization path.
getRequirements Return all require-expressions of a param set.
hasTrafo Check parameter / parameter set for trafos.
getOptPathParetoFront Get indices of pareto front of optimization path.
getOptPathX Get data.frame of input points (X-space) referring to the param set from the optimization path.
isVector Check parameter / parameter set for vector params.
getParamSet Get parameter set.
getParamLengths Return lengths of single parameters or parameters in parameter set.
getParamNr Return number of parameters in set.
getParamTypeCounts Returns information on the number of parameters of a each type.
getTypeStrings Get parameter type-strings.
hasExpression Check if parameter values contain expressions.
hasFiniteBoxConstraints Checks if a parameter or each parameter of a parameter set has ONLY finite lower and upper bounds.
makeParamSet Construct a parameter set.
hasForbidden Check parameter set for forbidden region.
hasType Check whether parameter set contains a certain type.
isRequiresOk Check if parameter requirements are met.
isFeasible Check if parameter value is valid.
isForbidden Check whether parameter setting lies in forbidden region of parameter set.
sampleValue Sample a random value from a parameter or a parameter set uniformly.
isSpecialValue Is a given value in the list of special values for a param?
sampleValues Sample n random values from a parameter or a parameter set uniformly.
isType Check parameter / parameter set contain ONLY a certain type.
isEmpty Check whether parameter set is empty.
isTypeString Check if type string is of certain type.
renderYTraces Plots Y traces of multiple optimization paths
trafoValue Transform a value.
repairPoint Repairs values of numeric and integer parameters out side of constraints.
updateParVals Insert par.vals to old ones with meeting requirements
removeMissingValues Removes all scalar NAs from a parameter setting list.
renderOptPathPlot Function for plotting optimization paths.
paramValueToString Convert a value to a string.
setValueCNames Set components names for vector names
plotEAF Plots attainment functions for data stored in multiple OptPaths.
setOptPathElDOB Set the dates of birth of parameter values, in-place.
plotOptPath Plot method for optimization paths.
plotYTraces Plots Y traces of multiple optimization paths
setOptPathElEOL Set the end of life dates of parameter values, in-place.
trafoOptPath Transform optimization path.
dfRowsToList Convert a data.frame row to list of parameter-value-lists.
convertParamSetToIrace Converts a ParamSet object to a parameter object of the irace package.
Param Create a description object for a parameter.
addOptPathEl Add a new element to an optimization path. Convert optimization path to data.frame.
LearnerParam Create a description object for a parameter of a machine learning algorithm.
discreteNameToValue Convert encoding name(s) to discrete value(s).
OptPath Create optimization path.
discreteValueToName Convert discrete value(s) to encoding name(s).
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License BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE
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ByteCompile yes
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NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-01-18 14:27:42 UTC; richter
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Date/Publication 2019-01-18 15:10:11 UTC

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