Data Generation with Count, Binary, Ordinal and Normal Components

Generation of multiple count, binary, ordinal and normal variables simultaneously given the marginal characteristics and association structure based on the methodologies proposed in Demirtas et al. (2012), Demirtas and Yavuz (2015), Amatya and Demirtas (2016), Demirtas and Hedeker (2016).

concurrent generation of count, binary, ordinal and normal variables, generating multivariate count variables, generating multivariate binary variables, generating multivariate ordinal variables, generating multivariate normal variables

ll{ Package: PoisBinOrdNor Type: Package Version: 1.1 Date: 2016-02-14 License: GPL (>= 2) }PoisBinOrdNor package consists of ten functions. The function validation_specs validates the specificed quantities to avoid obvious specification errors. The functions corr.nn4bb, corr.nn4bn, corr.nn4on, corr.nn4pbo, corr.nn4pn, and corr.nn4pp each computes the intermediate correlation coefficient for binary-binary combinations, binary-normal combinations, ordinal-normal combinations, count-binary/ordinal combinations, count-normal and count-count combinations, respectively. The function intermat assembles the intermediate correlation matrix for the multivaraite data based on input from functions corr.nn4bb, corr.nn4bn, corr.nn4on, corr.nn4pbo, corr.nn4pn and corr.nn4pp. The engine function genPBONdata computes the final correlation matrix and generates mixed data in accordance with the specified marginal and correlational quantities.


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