ProbitSpatial (version 1.0)

effects: Effects of a spatial probit model.


Returns the marginal effects of a SpatialProbit model.




an object of class SpatialProbit.


It returns the marginal effects of the estimated SpatialProbit model.


The effects function has different outputs according to the DGP of the SpatialProbit model:
The marginal effects of a spatial autoregressive model are more complicated than usual measurements of impacts for non spatial models. Here we follow LeSage and Pace and propose the following summaries for impact measures:

Average direct effects:
the average over all the observations of the effects of the change of an explanatory variable of a single observation on the choice probability of that same observation.

Average indirect effects:
the average over all the observations of the effect of a change on a explanatory variable on the choice probability of the neighbouring observations.

Average total effects:
the sum of direct and indirect impacts.

marginal effects should be interpreted as if it were a standard probit model.


J. LeSage and R.K. Pace. Introduction to Spatial Econometrics, CRC Press, chapter 10.1.6, 2009.