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CUSUM Person Fit Statistics

Person fit statistics based on Quality Control measures are provided for questionnaires and tests given a specified IRT model. Statistics based on Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) charts are provided. Options are given for banks with polytomous and dichotomous data.

Functions in PsyControl

Name Description
cusum Generates CUSUM values for Rasch, 2PL and 3PL IRT model based on the Van Krimpen-Stoop & Meijer, (2002).
cusum.cutoff Generates critical values for CUSUM statisitcs.
exGRM Example data set based on a simulated GRM model.
gh Example data set based on a simulated GRM model.
cusum.poly Generates CUSUM values for polytomous IRT model based on Van Krimpen-Stoop & Meijer, (2002).
ex2PL Example data set based on a simulated 2PL model.
cusum.flag Flags aberrant participants based on CUSUM statistics.
cusum.plot Generates CUSUM plot for specified IDs.
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