R.oo (version 1.24.0)

equals: Compares an object with another


Compares an object with another and returns TRUE if they are equal. The equal property must be

1) reflexive, i.e. equals(o1,o1) should be TRUE.

2) symmetric, i.e. equals(o1,o2) is TRUE if and only if equals(o2,o1) is TRUE.

3) transitive, i.e. equals(o1,o2) is TRUE and equals(o2,o3) is TRUE, then equals(o1,o3) should be TRUE.

5) consistent, i.e. equals(o1,o2) should return the same result on multiple invocations as long as nothing has changed.

6) equals(o1,NULL) should return FALSE, unless o1 is also NULL.

By default identical() is used.


# S3 method for default
equals(object, other, ...)


object, other

Objects to be compared.


Not used.


Returns TRUE if the objects are equal, otherwise FALSE.

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