Processes one or several RSP files

Processes one or several RSP files.

## S3 method for class 'default}(pattern="[.]rsp$", path=".", extension="html", outputPath=extension, overwrite=FALSE, ..., envir=parent.frame())':

pattern{A filename pattern.}
  path{The pathname of the directory to be search for RSP files.}
  extension{The filename extension to be used for the output files.}
  outputPath{The pathname of the directory where to save the
        output files.}
  overwrite{If FALSE, an error is thrown if an output file already
    exists, otherwise not.}
  ...{Additional arguments passed to sourceRsp().}
  envir{An environment to be the working environment of the
    servlets, i.e. where RSP variables and objects are stored.}

Returns (invisibly) a character list of pathnames of all processed
  RSP files.

{ If an exception occurs while processing a file, the methods skips to the next one and records the error. } # Copy the complete directory tree contain RSP files rspPath <- system.file("rsp", package="R.rsp") cat("RSP directory: ", rspPath, " ") # Create an output path to contain HTML files outputPath <- tempdir() cat("HTML directory: ", outputPath, " ") # Process all RSP files (not recursively) files <- sourceAllRsp(path=rspPath, outputPath=outputPath, extension="html") cat("Processed the following RSP files: ") print(files) # View generated documents if (interactive()) { library(tools) indexFile <- filePath(outputPath, "index.html") cat("Trying to open '", indexFile, "' in default browser... ", sep="") browseURL(getAbsolutePath(indexFile)) } [object Object] sourceRsp(). file IO
  • sourceAllRsp.default
  • sourceAllRsp
Documentation reproduced from package R.rsp, version 0.3.3, License: LGPL version 2.1 or newer (the releases)

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