Translates an RSP file to an R servlet

Translates an RSP file to an R servlet.

## S3 method for class 'default}(file="", text=NULL, path=getParent(file), rspLanguage=getOption("rspLanguage"), verbose=FALSE, ...)':

file{A filename, a URL, or a connection to be read.
              Ignored if text is not NULL.}
  text{If specified, a character vector of RSP code to be
  path{A pathname setting the current include path.
              If file is a filename and its parent directory
              is different from this one, path is added
              to the beginning of file before the file is read.}
  rspLanguage{An RspLanguage object.}
  verbose{Either a logical, a numeric, or a Verbose
    object specifying how much verbose/debug information is written to
    standard output. If a Verbose object, how detailed the information is
    is specified by the threshold level of the object. If a numeric, the
    value is used to set the threshold of a new Verbose object. If TRUE,
    the threshold is set to -1 (minimal). If FALSE, no output is written.
    [Currently not used.]
  ...{Not used.}

Returns a character string of Rsource code.

[object Object] sourceRsp(). file IO
  • translateRsp.default
  • translateRsp
Documentation reproduced from package R.rsp, version 0.3.3, License: LGPL version 2.1 or newer (the releases)

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