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Package: R.rsp Class RspDocument

list ~~| ~~+--RspObject ~~~~~~~| ~~~~~~~+--RspDocument

Directly known subclasses:

public class RspDocument extends RspObject

An RspDocument represents a list of RspConstruct:s.

classes, internal
RspDocument(expressions=list(), ...)

A list of RspConstruct:s and RspDocument:s.


Arguments passed to RspObject.

Fields and Methods


[ -
[<- -
asRspString -
dropEmptyText Drops all empty RSP text constructs.
evaluate Parses, translates, and evaluates the RSP document.
flatten Flattens an RspDocument.
getPath Gets the path to the source reference of an RSP string.
getSource Gets the source reference of an RSP document.
getType Gets the type of the RspDocument.
mergeTexts Merge neighboring 'text' elements.
parseCutNPasteDirectives -
parseIfElseDirectives -
preprocess Processes all RSP preprocessing directives.
print -
rcat -
rclean -
rcode -
rcompile -
rfile -
rsource -
rstring -
subset Subsets an RspDocument.
toR Translates the RSP document into R source code.
trim Trims each of the RSP constructs.
trimNonText Trims all non-text RSP constructs.

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