The HttpRequest class

Package: R.rsp Class HttpRequest Object ~~| ~~+--HttpRequest Directly known subclasses: public static class HttpRequest extends Object

HttpRequest(requestUri=NULL, parameters=list(), ...)
A character string of the requested URI.
A named list of parameter values.
Not used.
Fields and Methods

Methods: rll{ as.character Returns a short string describing the HTTP request. getContentLength Gets the length of contents. getContentType Gets the MIME type of the body of the request. getContextPath - getDateHeader - getHeader - getParameter Gets a parameter. getParameters Gets all parameters. getProtocol Gets the name and version of the protocol used to make this request. getQueryString - getRealPath Gets the file system path for a given URI. getRemoteAddress Gets the IP address of the client that sent the request. getRemoteHost Gets the fully qualified name of the client that sent the request. getRemoteUser - getRequestUri - getRequestUrl - getScheme Gets the scheme used to make this request. getServerName Gets the host name of the server that revieved the request. getServerPort Gets the port number on which this request was received. getServletPath - hasParameter Checks if a parameter exists. nbrOfParameters Gets the number of parameters. } Methods inherited from Object: $, $<-, [[, [[<-, as.character, attach, attachLocally, clearCache, clearLookupCache, clone, detach, equals, extend, finalize, gc, getEnvironment, getFieldModifier, getFieldModifiers, getFields, getInstantiationTime, getStaticInstance, hasField, hashCode, ll, load, objectSize, print, registerFinalizer, save

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Documentation reproduced from package R.rsp, version 0.5.0, License: LGPL (>= 2.1)

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