Gets the relative pathname relative to a directory

## S3 method for class 'default}(pathname, relativeTo=getwd(), caseSensitive=NULL, ...)':

Gets the relative pathname relative to a directory.

pathname{A character string of the pathname to be converted into
   an relative pathname.}
 relativeTo{A character string of the reference pathname.}
 caseSensitive{If TRUE, the comparison is case sensitive, otherwise
   not.  If NULL, it is decided from the relative path.}
 ...{Not used.}

Returns a character string of the relative pathname.

Non-case sensitive comparison
{ If caseSensitive == NULL, the relative path is used to decide if the comparison should be done in a case-sensitive mode or not. The current check is if it is a Windows path or not, that is, if the relative path starts with a device letter, then the comparison is non-case sensitive. }
In case the two paths are on different file systems, for instance, C:/foo/bar/ and D:/foo/, the method returns pathname as is.
getRelativePath("foo", "foo") # "." getRelativePath("foo/bar", "foo") # "bar" getRelativePath("foo/bar", "foo/bar/yah") # ".." getRelativePath("foo/bar/cool", "foo/bar/yah/sub/") # "../../cool" getRelativePath.default("/foo/bar/", "/bar/foo/") # "../../foo/bar" # Windows getRelativePath("C:/foo/bar/", "C:/bar/") # "../foo/bar" getRelativePath("C:/foo/bar/", "D:/bar/") # "C:/foo/bar" [object Object] getAbsolutePath(). isAbsolutePath(). IO programming
  • getRelativePath.default
  • getRelativePath
Documentation reproduced from package R.utils, version 1.1.0, License: LGPL (>= 2.1)

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