Static class to query information about the system

Package: R.utils Class System Object ~~| ~~+--System Directly known subclasses: public static class System extends Object The System class contains several useful class fields and methods. It cannot be instantiated.

Fields and Methods

Methods: rll{ currentTimeMillis Get the current time in milliseconds. findGhostscript Searches for the ghostview binary on the current system. findGraphicsDevice Searches for a working PNG device. getHostname Retrieves the computer name of the current host. getMappedDrivesOnWindows - getUsername Retrieves the name of the user running R. mapDriveOnWindows - openBrowser Opens an HTML document using the OS default HTML browser. parseDebian Parses a string, file or connection for Debian formatted parameters. unmapDriveOnWindows - } Methods inherited from Object: $, $<-, [[, [[<-, as.character, attach, attachLocally, clearCache, clearLookupCache, clone, detach, equals, extend, finalize, gc, getEnvironment, getFieldModifier, getFieldModifiers, getFields, getInstantiationTime, getStaticInstance, hasField, hashCode, ll, load, objectSize, print, registerFinalizer, save

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Documentation reproduced from package R.utils, version 1.23.2, License: LGPL (>= 2.1)

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