TimeoutException represents timeout errors

Package: R.utils Class TimeoutException Object ~~| ~~+--try-error ~~~~~~~| ~~~~~~~+--condition ~~~~~~~~~~~~| ~~~~~~~~~~~~+--error ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+--simpleError ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+--Exception ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+--TimeoutException Directly known subclasses: public static class TimeoutException extends Exception TimeoutException represents timeout errors occuring when a set of R expressions executed did not finish in time.

classes, methods, programming, error
TimeoutException(..., cpu=NA, elapsed=NA)
Any arguments accepted by Exception
cpu, elapsed
The maximum time the R expressions were allowed to be running before the timeout occured as measured in CPU time and (physically) elapsed time.
Fields and Methods

Methods: rll{ getMessage Gets the message of the exception. } Methods inherited from Exception: as.character, getCall, getLastException, getMessage, getStackTrace, getWhen, print, printStackTrace, throw Methods inherited from error: as.character, throw Methods inherited from condition: as.character, conditionCall, conditionMessage, print Methods inherited from Object: $, $<-, [[, [[<-, as.character, attach, attachLocally, clearCache, clone, detach, equals, extend, finalize, gc, getEnvironment, getFields, getInstantiationTime, getStaticInstance, hasField, hashCode, ll, load, objectSize, print, registerFinalizer, save

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For detailed information about exceptions see Exception.

  • TimeoutException
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