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Various programming utilities

This package provides utility classes and methods useful when programming in R and developing R packages.

Functions in R.utils

Name Description
asInt.Java Converts an numeric to a Java integer
NullVerbose A Verbose class ignoring everything
asLong.Java Converts a numeric to a Java long
SmartComments Abstract class SmartComments
callHooks.function Call hook functions
env Creates a new environment, evaluates an expression therein, and returns the environment
as.double.Verbose Gets a numeric value of this object
MultiVerbose A Verbose class ignoring everything
as.list.Options Gets a list representation of the options
downloadFile.character Downloads a file
displayCode Displays the contents of a text file with line numbers and more
devDone Closes an open device unless it is a on-screen (interactive) device
as.character.ProgressBar Gets a string description of the progress bar
Java Static class for Java related methods
GString Character string with advanced substitutions
createLink Creates a link to a file or a directory
Settings Class for applicational settings
devSet Activates a device
devList Lists the indices of the open devices named by their labels
dimNA< - Sets the dimension of an object with the option to infer one dimension autmatically
System Static class to query information about the system
Verbose Class to writing verbose messages to a connection or file
getAbsolutePath Gets the absolute pathname string
as.logical.Verbose Gets a logical value of this object
R.utils-package Package R.utils
TimeoutException TimeoutException represents timeout errors
capitalize Capitalizes/decapitalizes each character string in a vector
devNew Opens a new device
getBuiltinTime.GString Gets the current time
getLogicals.Arguments Coerces to a logical vector and validates
createWindowsShortcut Creates a Microsoft Windows Shortcut (.lnk file)
as.character.binmode Converts a binary/octal/hexadecimal number into a string
equals.Verbose Checks if this object is equal to another
devEval Opens a new device, evaluate (graphing) code, and closes device
flush.TextStatusBar Flushes the output
getBuiltinRhome.GString Gets the path where R is installed
copyDirectory Copies a directory
cat.Verbose Concatenates and prints objects if above threshold
getCharacters.Arguments Coerces to a character vector and validates
compile.SmartComments Preprocess a vector of code lines
capture.Verbose Captures output of a function
getBarString.ProgressBar Gets the progress bar string to be displayed
ProgressBar Provides text based counting progress bar
evaluate.Verbose Evaluates a function and prints its results if above threshold
getBuiltinUsername.GString Gets the username of the user running R
filePath Construct the path to a file from components and expands Windows Shortcuts along the pathname from root to leaf
getNumerics.Arguments Coerces to a numeric vector and validates
as.character.Verbose Returns a character string version of this object
evalCapture Evaluates an expression and captures the code and/or the output
extract.array Extract a subset of an array, matrix or a vector with unknown dimensions
inAnyInterval.numeric Checks if a set of values are inside one or more intervals
convertComment.SmartComments Converts a single smart comment to R code
VComments The VComments class
on.Verbose Turn on the output
getBuiltinDate.GString Gets the current date
callHooks Call hook functions by hook name
dataFrame Allocates a data frame with given column classes
isModified.Settings Checks if settings has been modified compared to whats on file
convertComment.VComments Converts a verbose comment to R code
LComments The LComments class
Sys.setenv Sys.setenv
devSetLabel Sets the label of a device
countLines Counts the number of lines in a text file
getBuiltinDatetime.GString Gets the current date and time
finalizeSession Function to call for finalizing the R session
copyFile Copies a file safely
eps EPS graphics device
getBuiltinRversion.GString Gets the current R version
getIndices.Arguments Coerces to a integer vector and validates
findSettings.Settings Searches for the settings file in one or several directories
as.character.Options Returns a character string version of this object
evalWithTimeout Evaluate an R expression and interrupts it if it takes too long
hasOption.Options Checks if an option exists
intervalsToSeq.matrix Generates a vector of indices from a matrix of intervals
currentTimeMillis.System Get the current time in milliseconds
Non-documented objects Non-documented objects
as.character.GString Gets the processed character string
getReadablePathname.Arguments Gets a readable pathname
Options The Options class
commandArgs Extract Command Line Arguments
createFileAtomically Creates a file atomically
addFinalizerToLast Modifies .Last() to call 'finalizeSession()
TextStatusBar A status bar at the R prompt that can be updated
hpaste Concatenating vectors into human-readable strings
isOpen.character Checks if there is an open connection to a file
asShort.Java Converts a numeric to a Java short
equals.Options Checks if this object is equal to another Options object
getTimestampFormat.Verbose Gets the default timestamp format
Assert The Assert class
Arguments Static class to validate and process arguments
check.Assert Static method asserting that a generic condition is true
fileAccess Checks the permission of a file or a directory
getEnvironment.Arguments Gets an existing environment
getInstanceOf.Arguments Gets an instance of the object that is of a particular class
colClasses Creates a vector of column classes used for tabular reading
findGraphicsDevice.System Searches for a working PNG device
getHostname.System Retrieves the computer name of the current host
devGetLabel Gets the label of a device
isEof.connection Checks if the current file position for a connection is at the 'End of File'
lastModified Gets the time when the file was last modified
gzip Gzip/Gunzip a file
isAbsolutePath Checks if this pathname is absolute
getUsername.System Retrieves the name of the user running R
getVerbose.Arguments Coerces to Verbose object
mkdirs Creates a directory including any necessary but nonexistent parent directories
getLabel.TextStatusBar Gets the current value of a label
reset.VComments Resets a VComments compiler
getWritablePathname.Arguments Gets a writable pathname
inherits.Assert Static method asserting that an object inherits from of a certain class
isOn.NullVerbose Checks if the output is on
getBuiltinHostname.GString Gets the hostname of the system running R
getMessage.TimeoutException Gets the message of the exception
getDoubles.Arguments Coerces to a double vector and validates
getParent Gets the string of the parent specified by this pathname
getOption.Options Gets an option
setMaxValue.ProgressBar Sets maximum value
isOn.Verbose Checks if the output is on
toUrl Converts a pathname into a URL
lapply.MultiVerbose Applies a function to each of the Verbose objects
insert Insert values to a vector at certain positions
intToBin Converts an integer to a binary/octal/hexadecimal number
getLeaves.Options Gets all (non-list) options in a flat list
parseDebian.System Parses a string, file or connection for Debian formatted parameters
isPackageLoaded Checks if a package is loaded or not
more.Verbose Creates a cloned instance with a lower threshold
pushState.Verbose Pushes the current indentation state of the Verbose object
loadToEnv Method to load objects to a new environment
isUrl Checks if one or several pathnames is URLs
print.Verbose Prints objects if above threshold
devIsOpen Checks if a device is open or not
resample Sample values from a set of elements
listDirectory Gets the file names in the directory
png2 A PNG device for Bitmap Files via GhostScript
isVector.Assert Static method asserting thatan object is a vector
isDone.ProgressBar Checks if progress bar is completed
newline.Verbose Writes one or several empty lines
getLoadedPathname.Settings Gets the pathname of the settings file loaded
isVisible.NullVerbose Checks if a certain verbose level will be shown or not
isMatrix.Assert Static method asserting thatan object is a matrix
getReadablePathnames.Arguments Gets a readable pathname
header.Verbose Writes a header
getBuiltinOs.GString Gets the operating system of the running machine
mapToIntervals.numeric Maps values to intervals
onSessionExit Registers a function to be called when the R session finishes
setOption Sets a option in R
popTemporaryFile Drops a temporary suffix from the temporary pathname
parse.SmartComments Parses one single smart comment
getThreshold.Verbose Gets current verbose threshold
moveInSearchPath Moves a environment in the search path to another position
isZero Checks if a value is (close to) zero or not
popMessage.TextStatusBar Adds a message above the status bar
reset.SmartComments Resets a SmartComments compiler
hasUrlProtocol Checks if one or several pathnames has a URL protocol
sourceTo Parses and evaluates code from a file or a connection
timestamp.Verbose Writes a timestamp
warnings.Verbose Outputs any warnings recorded
getIntegers.Arguments Coerces to a integer vector and validates
isSingle Identifies all entries that exists exactly ones
readWindowsShortcut Reads a Microsoft Windows Shortcut (.lnk file)
setProgress.ProgressBar Sets current progress
loadObject Method to load object from a file or a connection
devOptions Gets the default device options
setTimestampFormat.Verbose Sets the default timestamp format
doCall Executes a function call with option to ignore unused arguments
validate.VComments Validates the compiled lines
writeDataFrame.data.frame Writes a data.frame to tabular text file
getRegularExpression.Arguments Gets a valid regular expression pattern
findGhostscript.System Searches for the ghostview binary on the current system
onGarbageCollect Registers a function to be called when the R garbage collector is (detected to be) running
writeInt.Java Writes a integer (32 bits) to a connection in Java format
isReplicated Identifies all entries with replicated values
popBackupFile Drops a backup suffix from the backup pathname
getVector.Arguments Validates a vector
readTableIndex Reads a single column from file in table format
pushBackupFile Appends a backup suffix to the pathname
writeRaw.NullVerbose All output methods
getBuiltinPid.GString Gets the process id of the current R session
writeShort.Java Writes a short (16 bits) to a connection in Java format
renameFile Renames a file safely
readBinFragments Reads binary data from disjoint sections of a connection or a file
jpeg2 A JPEG device for Bitmap Files via GhostScript
remove.FileProgressBar Removes the progress file for a file progress bar
readInt.Java Reads a Java formatted int (32 bits) from a connection
readTable Reads a file in table format
promptAndSave.Settings Prompt user to save modified settings
toCamelCase Converts a string of words into a merged camel-cased word
readUTF.Java Reads a Java (UTF-8) formatted string from a connection
update.TextStatusBar Updates the status bar (visually)
readShort.Java Reads a Java formatted short (16 bits) from a connection
queryRCmdCheck Gets the on R CMD check if the current R session was launched by it
pushTemporaryFile Appends a temporary suffix to the pathname
readRdHelp Reads one or more Rd help files in a certain format
unwrap.array Unwrap an array, matrix or a vector to an array of more dimensions
off.Verbose Turn off the output
patchCode Patches installed and loaded packages and more
setLabel.TextStatusBar Sets the value of a label
loadAnywhere.Settings Loads settings from file
summary.Verbose Generates a summary of an object if above threshold
print.GString Prints the processed GString
relibrary Reloads a package
writeRaw.MultiVerbose Writes to each of the Verbose objects
printf C-style formatted output
update.ProgressBar Updates progress bar
increase.ProgressBar Increases (steps) progress bar
detachPackage Detaches a packages by name
saveObject Saves an object to a file or a connection
getVariableValue.GString Gets a variable value given a name and attributes
whichVector.logical Identifies TRUE elements in a logical vector
subplots Creates a grid of subplots
readByte.Java Reads a Java formatted byte (8 bits) from a connection
removeDirectory Removes a directory
getRelativePath Gets the relative pathname relative to a directory
parse.GString Parses a GString
isFile Checks if the file specification is a file
isDirectory Checks if the file specification is a directory
validate.SmartComments Validates the compiled lines
setDefaultLevel.Verbose Sets the current default verbose level
seqToIntervals Gets all contigous intervals of a vector of indices
stext Writes text in the margin along the sides of a plot
str.Options Prints the structure of the options
update.FileProgressBar Updates file progress bar
isVisible.Verbose Checks if a certain verbose level will be shown or not
toEPS Methods for creating image files of a specific format
saveAnywhere.Settings Saves settings to file
setValue.ProgressBar Sets current value
writeRaw.Verbose Writes objects if above threshold
setThreshold.Verbose Sets verbose threshold
ruler.Verbose Writes a ruler
isPackageInstalled Checks if a package is installed or not
writeByte.Java Writes a byte (8 bits) to a connection in Java format
sourceDirectory Sources files recursively to either local or global environment
resetWarnings Resets recorded warnings
isScalar.Assert Static method asserting thatan object is a single value
splitByPattern Splits a single character string by pattern
names.Options Gets the full pathname of all (non-list) options
touchFile Updates the timestamp of a file
newline.TextStatusBar Writes a newline
updateLabels.TextStatusBar Sets the new values of given labels and updates the status bar
wrap.array Reshape an array or a matrix by permuting and/or joining dimensions
enter.Verbose Writes a message and indents the following output
setStepLength.ProgressBar Sets default step length
str.Verbose Prints the structure of an object if above threshold
asByte.Java Converts a numeric to a Java byte
bunzip2 Bunzip a file
findSourceTraceback Finds all 'srcfile' objects generated by source() in all call frames
getRaw.GString Gets the unprocessed GString
writeUTF.Java Writes a string to a connection in Java format (UTF-8)
less.Verbose Creates a cloned instance with a higher threshold
seqToHumanReadable Gets a short human readable string representation of an vector of indices
setLabels.TextStatusBar Sets new values of given labels
setTicks.ProgressBar Sets values for which ticks should be visible
setOption.Options Sets an option
writeBinFragments Writes binary data to disjoint sections of a connection or a file
arrayIndex Converts vector indices to array indices
FileProgressBar A progress bar that sets the size of a file accordingly
attachLocally.list Assigns an objects elements locally
devOff Closes a device
exit.Verbose Writes a message and unindents the following output
mergeIntervals.numeric Merges intervals
nbrOfOptions.Options Gets the number of options set
openBrowser.System Opens an HTML document using the OS default HTML browser
printf.Verbose Formats and prints object if above threshold
reset.ProgressBar Reset progress bar
reassignInPackage Re-assigns a new value to an existing object in a loaded package
timestampOn.Verbose Turns automatic timestamping on and off
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License LGPL (>= 2.1)
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Packaged 2011-11-24 02:12:18 UTC; hb
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Date/Publication 2011-11-24 09:12:59

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