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General Network (HTTP/FTP/...) Client Interface for R

A wrapper for 'libcurl' <http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/> Provides functions to allow one to compose general HTTP requests and provides convenient functions to fetch URIs, get & post forms, etc. and process the results returned by the Web server. This provides a great deal of control over the HTTP/FTP/... connection and the form of the request while providing a higher-level interface than is available just using R socket connections. Additionally, the underlying implementation is robust and extensive, supporting FTP/FTPS/TFTP (uploads and downloads), SSL/HTTPS, telnet, dict, ldap, and also supports cookies, redirects, authentication, etc.

Functions in RCurl

Name Description
curlPerform Perform the HTTP query
curlOptions Constructor and accessors for CURLOptions objects
curlGlobalInit Start and stop the Curl library
getBitIndicators Operate on bit fields
curlEscape Handle characters in URL that need to be escaped
CFILE Create a C-level handle for a file
getBinaryURL Download binary content
binaryBuffer Create internal C-level data structure for collecting binary data
CURLEnums Classes and coercion methods for enumerations in libcurl
curlError Raise a warning or error about a CURL problem
chunkToLineReader Utility that collects data from the HTTP reply into lines and calls user-provided function.
findHTTPHeaderEncoding Find the encoding of the HTTP response from the HTTP header
fileUpload Specify information about a file to upload in an HTTP request
postForm Submit an HTML form
reset Generic function for resetting an object
scp Retrieve contents of a file from a remote host via SCP (Secure Copy)
getURIAsynchronous Download multiple URIs concurrently, with inter-leaved downloads
getCurlErrorClassNames Retrieve names of all curl error classes
curlSetOpt Set values for the CURL options
url.exists Check if URL exists
getCurlHandle Create libcurl handles
getURL Download a URI
clone Clone/duplicate an object
complete Complete an asynchronous HTTP request
merge.list Method for merging two lists by name
mimeTypeExtensions Mapping from extension to MIME type
ftpUpload Upload content via FTP
guessMIMEType Infer the MIME type from a file name
curlVersion Information describing the Curl library
httpPUT Simple high-level functions for HTTP PUT and DELETE
getCurlInfo Access information about a CURL request
dynCurlReader Dynamically determine content-type of body from HTTP header and set body reader
getFormParams Extract parameters from a form query string
CURLHandle-class Class "CURLHandle" for synchronous HTTP requests
AUTH_ANY Constants for identifying Authentication Schemes
base64 Encode/Decode base64 content
RCurlInternal Internal functions
CurlFeatureBits Constants for libcurl
basicHeaderGatherer Functions for processing the response header of a libcurl request
HTTP_VERSION_1_0 Symbolic constants for specifying HTTP and SSL versions in libcurl
MultiCURLHandle-class Class "MultiCURLHandle" for asynchronous, concurrent HTTP requests
basicTextGatherer Cumulate text across callbacks (from an HTTP response)
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SystemRequirements GNU make, libcurl
License BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
Collate aclassesEnums.R bitClasses.R xbits.R base64.R binary.S classes.S curl.S curlAuthConstants.R curlEnums.R curlError.R curlInfo.S dynamic.R form.S getFormParams.R getURLContent.R header.R http.R httpError.R httpErrors.R iconv.R info.S mime.R multi.S options.S scp.R support.S upload.R urlExists.R zclone.R zzz.R
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-01-19 07:57:23 UTC; ripley
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-01-19 08:00:43 UTC
imports bitops
depends methods , R (>= 3.4.0)
suggests XML
Contributors Duncan Lang

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