RGalaxy v1.16.2

Make an R function available in the Galaxy web platform

Given an R function and its manual page, make the documented function available in Galaxy.

Functions in RGalaxy

Name Description
addTwoNumbers Add two numbers
anotherTestFunction Add two matrices
addTwoNumbersWithTest Add two numbers (with functional test)
GalaxyClasses Galaxy Parameter Classes
GalaxyInputFile-class Class "GalaxyInputFile"
GalaxyConfig-class Class "GalaxyConfig"
galaxy Make a function available in Galaxy
functionToGalaxify Add two matrices
foo a foo function
GalaxyOutput-class Class "GalaxyOutput"
probeLookup Get the PFAM and SYMBOL names for a set of Affymetrix probe IDs
getFriendlyName Change a camelCase name to a friendlier version
RserveConnection-class Class "RserveConnection"
gmessage Sends informational, warning, and error messages to the user.
testFunctionWithGalaxySelectParam A variation on functionToGalaxify that takes a multiple-choice option using the GalaxySelectParam class.
runFunctionalTest Run the functional test associated with a function.
testFunctionWithSelect A variation on functionToGalaxify that takes a multiple-choice option.
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biocViews Infrastructure
License Artistic-2.0
KeepSource TRUE
Collate 'AllClasses.R' 'galaxy.R' 'man.R' 'test_functions.R' 'utils.R'
VignetteBuilder knitr

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