A label which displays an accelerator key on the right of the text

Methods and Functions

gtkAccelLabelNew(string = NULL, show = TRUE) gtkAccelLabelSetAccelClosure(object, accel.closure) gtkAccelLabelGetAccelWidget(object) gtkAccelLabelSetAccelWidget(object, accel.widget) gtkAccelLabelGetAccelWidth(object) gtkAccelLabelRefetch(object) gtkAccelLabel(string = NULL, show = TRUE)




GtkAccelLabel implements AtkImplementorIface and GtkBuildable.

Detailed Description

The GtkAccelLabel widget is a subclass of GtkLabel that also displays an accelerator key on the right of the label text, e.g. 'Ctl+S'. It is commonly used in menus to show the keyboard short-cuts for commands. The accelerator key to display is not set explicitly. Instead, the GtkAccelLabel displays the accelerators which have been added to a particular widget. This widget is set by calling gtkAccelLabelSetAccelWidget. For example, a GtkMenuItem widget may have an accelerator added to emit the "activate" signal when the 'Ctl+S' key combination is pressed. A GtkAccelLabel is created and added to the GtkMenuItem, and gtkAccelLabelSetAccelWidget is called with the GtkMenuItem as the second argument. The GtkAccelLabel will now display 'Ctl+S' after its label. Note that creating a GtkMenuItem with gtkMenuItemNewWithLabel (or one of the similar functions for GtkCheckMenuItem and GtkRadioMenuItem) automatically adds a GtkAccelLabel to the GtkMenuItem and calls gtkAccelLabelSetAccelWidget to set it up for you. A GtkAccelLabel will only display accelerators which have GTK_ACCEL_VISIBLE set (see GtkAccelFlags). A GtkAccelLabel can display multiple accelerators and even signal names, though it is almost always used to display just one accelerator key. Creating a simple menu item with an accelerator key.

## Creating a simple menu item with an accelerator key. ## Create a GtkAccelGroup and add it to the window.
accel_group = gtkAccelGroup()
window$addAccelGroup(accel_group) ## Create the menu item
save_item = gtkMenuItem("Save")
menu$add(save_item) ## Now add the accelerator to the GtkMenuItem. 
## It will be activated if the user types ctrl-s
## We just need to make sure we use the "visible" flag here to show it.
save_item$addAccelerator("activate", accel_group, GDK_S, 
                         "control-mask", "visible")


Convenient Construction

gtkAccelLabel is the equivalent of gtkAccelLabelNew.


accel-closure [GClosure : * : Read / Write]
The closure to be monitored for accelerator changes.
accel-widget [GtkWidget : * : Read / Write]
The widget to be monitored for accelerator changes.


  • GtkAccelLabel
  • gtkAccelLabel
Documentation reproduced from package RGtk2, version 2.20.31, License: GPL

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