A text entry field with a dropdown list

Methods and Functions

gtkComboBoxEntryNew(show = TRUE) gtkComboBoxEntryNewWithModel(model, text.column, show = TRUE) gtkComboBoxEntryNewText() gtkComboBoxEntrySetTextColumn(object, text.column) gtkComboBoxEntryGetTextColumn(object) gtkComboBoxEntry(model, text.column, show = TRUE)




GtkComboBoxEntry implements AtkImplementorIface, GtkBuildable, GtkCellLayout and GtkCellEditable.

Detailed Description

A GtkComboBoxEntry is a widget that allows the user to choose from a list of valid choices or enter a different value. It is very similar to a GtkComboBox, but it displays the selected value in an entry to allow modifying it. In contrast to a GtkComboBox, the underlying model of a GtkComboBoxEntry must always have a text column (see gtkComboBoxEntrySetTextColumn), and the entry will show the content of the text column in the selected row. To get the text from the entry, use gtkComboBoxGetActiveText. The changed signal will be emitted while typing into a GtkComboBoxEntry, as well as when selecting an item from the GtkComboBoxEntry's list. Use gtkComboBoxGetActive or gtkComboBoxGetActiveIter to discover whether an item was actually selected from the list. Connect to the activate signal of the GtkEntry (use gtkBinGetChild) to detect when the user actually finishes entering text. The convenience API to construct simple text-only GtkComboBoxes can also be used with GtkComboBoxEntrys which have been constructed with gtkComboBoxEntryNewText. If you have special needs that go beyond a simple entry (e.g. input validation), it is possible to replace the child entry by a different widget using gtkContainerRemove and gtkContainerAdd.

GtkComboBoxEntry as GtkBuildable

Beyond the support that is shared by all GtkCellLayout implementation, GtkComboBoxEntry makes the entry available in UI definitions as an internal child with name "entry".


Convenient Construction

gtkComboBoxEntry is the result of collapsing the constructors of GtkComboBoxEntry (gtkComboBoxEntryNew, gtkComboBoxEntryNewWithModel) and accepts a subset of its arguments matching the required arguments of one of its delegate constructors.



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