A button to launch a file selection dialog

Methods and Functions

gtkFileChooserButtonNew(title, action, show = TRUE) gtkFileChooserButtonNewWithBackend(title, action, backend, show = TRUE) gtkFileChooserButtonNewWithBackend(title, action, backend, show = TRUE) gtkFileChooserButtonNewWithDialog(dialog) gtkFileChooserButtonGetTitle(object) gtkFileChooserButtonSetTitle(object, title) gtkFileChooserButtonGetWidthChars(object) gtkFileChooserButtonSetWidthChars(object, n.chars) gtkFileChooserButtonGetFocusOnClick(object) gtkFileChooserButtonSetFocusOnClick(object, gtkFileChooserButton(title, action, backend, show = TRUE)




GtkFileChooserButton implements AtkImplementorIface, GtkBuildable, GtkOrientable and GtkFileChooser.

Detailed Description

The GtkFileChooserButton is a widget that lets the user select a file. It implements the GtkFileChooser interface. Visually, it is a file name with a button to bring up a GtkFileChooserDialog. The user can then use that dialog to change the file associated with that button. This widget does not support setting the "select-multiple" property to TRUE. Create a button to let the user select a file in /etc

# Create a button to let the user select a file in /etc
button <- gtkFileChooserButton("Select a file", "open")
The GtkFileChooserButton supports the GtkFileChooserActions GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_OPEN and GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SELECT_FOLDER. PLEASE NOTE: The GtkFileChooserButton will ellipsize the label, and thus will thus request little horizontal space. To give the button more space, you should call gtkWidgetSizeRequest, gtkFileChooserButtonSetWidthChars, or pack the button in such a way that other interface elements give space to the widget.


Convenient Construction

gtkFileChooserButton is the result of collapsing the constructors of GtkFileChooserButton (gtkFileChooserButtonNew, gtkFileChooserButtonNewWithBackend) and accepts a subset of its arguments matching the required arguments of one of its delegate constructors.



dialog [GtkFileChooser : * : Write / Construct Only]
Instance of the GtkFileChooserDialog associated with the button. Since 2.6
focus-on-click [logical : Read / Write]
Whether the GtkFileChooserButton button grabs focus when it is clicked with the mouse. Default value: TRUE Since 2.10
title [character : * : Read / Write]
Title to put on the GtkFileChooserDialog associated with the button. Default value: "Select A File" Since 2.6
width-chars [integer : Read / Write]
The width of the entry and label inside the button, in characters. Allowed values: >= -1 Default value: -1 Since 2.6


See Also


  • GtkFileChooserButton
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Documentation reproduced from package RGtk2, version 2.20.31, License: GPL

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