Prompt the user for a file or directory name

Methods and Functions

gtkFileSelectionNew(title = NULL, show = TRUE) gtkFileSelectionComplete(object, pattern) gtkFileSelectionShowFileopButtons(object) gtkFileSelectionHideFileopButtons(object) gtkFileSelectionSetSelectMultiple(object, select.multiple) gtkFileSelectionGetSelectMultiple(object) gtkFileSelection(title = NULL, show = TRUE)




GtkFileSelection implements AtkImplementorIface and GtkBuildable.

Detailed Description

GtkFileSelection has been superseded by the newer GtkFileChooser family of widgets. GtkFileSelection should be used to retrieve file or directory names from the user. It will create a new dialog window containing a directory list, and a file list corresponding to the current working directory. The filesystem can be navigated using the directory list or the drop-down history menu. Alternatively, the TAB key can be used to navigate using filename completion - common in text based editors such as emacs and jed. File selection dialogs are created with a call to gtkFileSelectionNew. The default filename can be set using gtkFileSelectionSetFilename and the selected filename retrieved using gtkFileSelectionGetFilename. Use gtkFileSelectionComplete to display files and directories that match a given pattern. This can be used for example, to show only *.txt files, or only files beginning with gtk*. Simple file operations; create directory, delete file, and rename file, are available from buttons at the top of the dialog. These can be hidden using gtkFileSelectionHideFileopButtons and shown again using gtkFileSelectionShowFileopButtons. Getting a filename from the user.

# Getting a filename from a user
# Note how much easier GtkFileChooser is to use store_filename <- function(widget, file_selector) {
   selected_filename <- file_selector$getFilename();
   print(paste("Selected filename:", selected_filename))
} create_file_selection <- function() { ## Create the selector file_selector <- gtkFileSelection("Please select a file for editing.",
                                    show = FALSE) gSignalConnect(file_selector[["ok_button"]], "clicked", store_filename,
                 file_selector) ## Ensure that the dialog box is destroyed when the user clicks a button. gSignalConnect(file_selector[["ok_button"]], "clicked", gtkWidgetDestroy, 
                 file_selector, = TRUE) gSignalConnect(file_selector[["cancel_button"]], "clicked", gtkWidgetDestroy,
                 file_selector, = TRUE) ## Display that dialog file_selector$show()


Convenient Construction

gtkFileSelection is the equivalent of gtkFileSelectionNew.


filename [character : * : Read / Write]
The currently selected filename. Default value: NULL
select-multiple [logical : Read / Write]
Whether to allow multiple files to be selected. Default value: FALSE
show-fileops [logical : Read / Write]
Whether buttons for creating/manipulating files should be displayed. Default value: TRUE


  • GtkFileSelection
  • gtkFileSelection
Documentation reproduced from package RGtk2, version 2.20.31, License: GPL

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