A visible column in a GtkTreeView widget

Methods and Functions

gtkTreeViewColumnNew() gtkTreeViewColumnNewWithAttributes(title, cell, ...) gtkTreeViewColumnPackStart(object, cell, expand = TRUE) gtkTreeViewColumnPackEnd(object, cell, expand = TRUE) gtkTreeViewColumnClear(object) gtkTreeViewColumnGetCellRenderers(object) gtkTreeViewColumnAddAttribute(object, cell.renderer, attribute, column) gtkTreeViewColumnSetAttributes(object, cell.renderer, ...) gtkTreeViewColumnSetCellDataFunc(object, cell.renderer, func, = NULL) gtkTreeViewColumnClearAttributes(object, cell.renderer) gtkTreeViewColumnSetSpacing(object, spacing) gtkTreeViewColumnGetSpacing(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetVisible(object, visible) gtkTreeViewColumnGetVisible(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetResizable(object, resizable) gtkTreeViewColumnGetResizable(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetSizing(object, type) gtkTreeViewColumnGetSizing(object) gtkTreeViewColumnGetWidth(object) gtkTreeViewColumnGetFixedWidth(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetFixedWidth(object, fixed.width) gtkTreeViewColumnSetMinWidth(object, min.width) gtkTreeViewColumnGetMinWidth(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetMaxWidth(object, max.width) gtkTreeViewColumnGetMaxWidth(object) gtkTreeViewColumnClicked(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetTitle(object, title) gtkTreeViewColumnGetTitle(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetExpand(object, expand) gtkTreeViewColumnGetExpand(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetClickable(object, active) gtkTreeViewColumnGetClickable(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetWidget(object, widget = NULL) gtkTreeViewColumnGetWidget(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetAlignment(object, xalign) gtkTreeViewColumnGetAlignment(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetReorderable(object, reorderable) gtkTreeViewColumnGetReorderable(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetSortColumnId(object, gtkTreeViewColumnGetSortColumnId(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetSortIndicator(object, setting) gtkTreeViewColumnGetSortIndicator(object) gtkTreeViewColumnSetSortOrder(object, order) gtkTreeViewColumnGetSortOrder(object) gtkTreeViewColumnCellSetCellData(object, tree.model, iter, is.expander, is.expanded) gtkTreeViewColumnCellGetSize(object) gtkTreeViewColumnCellGetPosition(object, cell.renderer) gtkTreeViewColumnCellIsVisible(object) gtkTreeViewColumnFocusCell(object, cell) gtkTreeViewColumnQueueResize(object) gtkTreeViewColumnGetTreeView(object) gtkTreeViewColumn(title, cell, ...)




GtkTreeViewColumn implements GtkCellLayout and GtkBuildable.

Detailed Description

The GtkTreeViewColumn object represents a visible column in a GtkTreeView widget. It allows to set properties of the column header, and functions as a holding pen for the cell renderers which determine how the data in the column is displayed. Please refer to the tree widget conceptual overview for an overview of all the objects and data types related to the tree widget and how they work together.


Convenient Construction

gtkTreeViewColumn is the result of collapsing the constructors of GtkTreeViewColumn (gtkTreeViewColumnNew, gtkTreeViewColumnNewWithAttributes) and accepts a subset of its arguments matching the required arguments of one of its delegate constructors.

Enums and Flags

User Functions



alignment [numeric : Read / Write]
X Alignment of the column header text or widget. Allowed values: [0,1] Default value: 0
clickable [logical : Read / Write]
Whether the header can be clicked. Default value: FALSE
expand [logical : Read / Write]
Column gets share of extra width allocated to the widget. Default value: FALSE
fixed-width [integer : Read / Write]
Current fixed width of the column. Allowed values: >= 1 Default value: 1
max-width [integer : Read / Write]
Maximum allowed width of the column. Allowed values: >= -1 Default value: -1
min-width [integer : Read / Write]
Minimum allowed width of the column. Allowed values: >= -1 Default value: -1
reorderable [logical : Read / Write]
Whether the column can be reordered around the headers. Default value: FALSE
resizable [logical : Read / Write]
Column is user-resizable. Default value: FALSE
sizing [GtkTreeViewColumnSizing : Read / Write]
Resize mode of the column. Default value: GTK_TREE_VIEW_COLUMN_GROW_ONLY
sort-column-id [integer : Read / Write]
Logical sort column ID this column sorts on when selected for sorting. Setting the sort column ID makes the column header clickable. Set to -1 to make the column unsortable. Allowed values: >= -1 Default value: -1 Since 2.18
sort-indicator [logical : Read / Write]
Whether to show a sort indicator. Default value: FALSE
sort-order [GtkSortType : Read / Write]
Sort direction the sort indicator should indicate. Default value: GTK_SORT_ASCENDING
spacing [integer : Read / Write]
Space which is inserted between cells. Allowed values: >= 0 Default value: 0
title [character : * : Read / Write]
Title to appear in column header. Default value: ""
visible [logical : Read / Write]
Whether to display the column. Default value: TRUE
widget [GtkWidget : * : Read / Write]
Widget to put in column header button instead of column title.
width [integer : Read]
Current width of the column. Allowed values: >= 0 Default value: 0


See Also

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