RLLVMCompile v0.2-0

by Duncan Lang

LLVM-based compiler for R code

A prototype for a compiler for R code that uses LLVM to generate machine code.



RLLVMCompile is an experimental R compiler that uses LLVM through RLLVM, currently being developed by Duncan Temple Lang.


The goal of this is to provide an R programmer-level framework for compiling R-like code. This is different from building a compiler that requires changing the code for the interpreter or developing an different implementation of R, i.e. separate from GNU R. The idea is that we can translate R-like code to LLVM instructions, create those instructions using the Rllvm package and then generate native/compiled code and invoke it from the R session, serialize it for use in other sessions or even applications (e.g. JavaScript, Python).

We might compile the same code in different ways for different contexts. As a result, a single one-size-fits-all approach to compiling R is probably too restrictive. Furthermore, we want to be able to explore new approaches easily w/o having to recompile all of R or learn a new compilation framework tha is specific to R.

One of the strengths of LLVM is that it embeddable and extensible and provides a user-level API. A compiler for R should also do the same. We have learned that a centralized code source that requires a core group to make all "official" and "distributed" changes limits innovation (but does improve stability).


Vince Buffalo and I started this package several years ago (late 2010) after the development of the Rllvm package. Unfortunately, I had other committments (the book XML and Web Technologies with R, and another "Data Science in R: A Case Studies Approach to Computational Reasoning and Problem Solving"). I am now getting back to this project and hope to push it forward quite a bit by early 2015.

Functions in RLLVMCompile

Name Description
getCompilerHandlers Retrieve list of compiler handler functions
insertReturn Insert explicit calls to return
rewriteRNGCalls Rewrite R language objects for Random Number Generation and assignments of an if statement
RTypes Types describing R data structures
ANYSXP Enumerated constants for R data types
getSymbolInfoMetadata Query the meta-data about native routines in an LLVM module
createProxy Create an R function to call a native routine
compileGPUKernel Compile an R function as a GPU kernel
compileFunction Compile an R function to native machine code via LLVM
getBuiltInRoutines Specify list of Available Compiled Routines
traverseExpressions General mechanism to process an R language object recursively and process each call object
vectorizeFunction Create a vectorized version of a scalar function
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License BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
Comment Need to depend on Rllvm as variables such as Int32Type are defined at load time, not in the code for the package directly.
xCollate createLoop.R expressions.R guessType.R vectorize.R while.R compile.R compiler.R

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