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Database Interface and 'MySQL' Driver for R

Legacy 'DBI' interface to 'MySQL' / 'MariaDB' based on old code ported from S-PLUS. A modern 'MySQL' client based on 'Rcpp' is available from the 'RMariaDB' package.

Functions in RMySQL

Name Description
transactions DBMS Transaction Management
dbNextResult Fetch next result set from an SQL script or stored procedure (experimental)
mysqlHasDefault Check if default database is available.
result-meta Database interface meta-data.
dbFetch,MySQLResult,numeric-method Execute a SQL statement on a database connection.
dbDataType,MySQLDriver-method Determine the SQL Data Type of an S object
db-meta Database interface meta-data
MySQLDriver-class Class MySQLDriver with constructor MySQL.
dbApply Apply R/S-Plus functions to remote groups of DBMS rows (experimental)
dbEscapeStrings Escape SQL-special characters in strings.
dbConnect,MySQLDriver-method Connect/disconnect to a MySQL DBMS
constants Constants
dbColumnInfo,MySQLConnection-method Experimental dbColumnInfo method for a connection
dbGetInfo,MySQLDriver-method Get information about a MySQL driver.
MySQLResult-class Class MySQLResult
MySQLConnection-class Class MySQLConnection.
dbWriteTable,MySQLConnection,character,data.frame-method Write a local data frame or file to the database.
make.db.names,MySQLConnection,character-method Make R/S-Plus identifiers into legal SQL identifiers
mysqlClientLibraryVersions MySQL Check for Compiled Versus Loaded Client Library Versions
isIdCurrent Check if a database object is valid.
mysqlBuildTableDefinition Build the SQL CREATE TABLE definition as a string
dbUnloadDriver,MySQLDriver-method Unload MySQL driver.
dbQuoteIdentifier,MySQLConnection,character-method Quote method for MySQL identifiers
dbReadTable,MySQLConnection,character-method Convenience functions for importing/exporting DBMS tables
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License GPL-2
URL https://downloads.mariadb.org/connector-c/ (upstream)
BugReports https://github.com/r-dbi/rmysql/issues
SystemRequirements libmariadb-client-dev | libmariadb-client-lgpl-dev | libmysqlclient-dev (deb), mariadb-devel (rpm), mariadb | mysql-connector-c (brew), mysql56_dev (csw)
NeedsCompilation yes
Collate 'mysql.R' 'driver.R' 'connection.R' 'data-type.R' 'default.R' 'escaping.R' 'result.R' 'extension.R' 'is-valid.R' 'table.R' 'transaction.R'
Packaged 2018-05-13 17:23:38 UTC; jeroen
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-05-13 19:33:05 UTC

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