RPostgreSQL (version 0.6-2)

make.db.names-methods: Make R/S-Plus identifiers into quoted PostgreSQL identifiers


Calls postgresqlquoteId to make valid quoted identifiers. This has calling convention same as the make.db.names for compatibility.




any PostgreSQL object (e.g., PostgreSQLDriver). Just ignored.


a character vector of R/S-Plus identifiers (symbols) from which we need to make SQL identifiers.


a character vector of SQL identifiers we want to check against keywords from the DBMS. Ignored.


logical describing whether the resulting set of SQL names should be unique. Its default is TRUE. Following the SQL 92 standard, uniqueness of SQL identifiers is determined regardless of whether letters are upper or lower case. Ignored.


logical describing whether SQL keywords should be allowed in the resulting set of SQL names. Its default is TRUE. Ignored.


a character vector with SQL keywords, by default it is .PostgreSQLKeywords define in RPostgreSQL. This may be overriden by users. Ignored.


a character string specifying whether to make the comparison as lower case, upper case, or any of the two. it defaults to any. Ignored.

currently not used.


The set of SQL keywords is stored in the character vector .SQL92Keywords and reflects the SQL ANSI/ISO standard as documented in "X/Open SQL and RDA", 1994, ISBN 1-872630-68-8. Users can easily override or update this vector.

PostgreSQL does add some keywords to the SQL 92 standard, they are listed in the .PostgreSQLKeywords object.

See the Database Interface definition document DBI.pdf in the base directory of this package or https://cran.r-project.org/package=DBI.

See Also

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