Make R/S-Plus identifiers into legal SQL identifiers

These methods are straight-forward implementations of the corresponding generic functions.

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The set of SQL keywords is stored in the character vector .SQL92Keywords and reflects the SQL ANSI/ISO standard as documented in "X/Open SQL and RDA", 1994, ISBN 1-872630-68-8. Users can easily override or update this vector.

SQLite does not add keywords to the SQL 92 standard.

See the Database Interface definition document DBI.pdf in the base directory of this package or

See Also

SQLite, dbReadTable, dbWriteTable, dbExistsTable, dbRemoveTable, dbListTables.

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# This example shows how we could export a bunch of data.frames
# into tables on a remote database.

con <- dbConnect("SQLite", dbname = "sqlite.db")

export <- c("", "trantime.print", "")
tabs <- make.db.names(export, unique = T, allow.keywords = T)

for(i in seq(along = export) )
   dbWriteTable(con, name = tabs[i],  get(export[i]))
Documentation reproduced from package RSQLite, version 0.7-0, License: LGPL (>= 2)

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