RWeka (version 0.4-43)

dot: Create DOT Representations


Write a DOT language representation of an object for processing via Graphviz.


write_to_dot(x, con = stdout(), …)
# S3 method for Weka_classifier
write_to_dot(x, con = stdout(), …)



an R object.


a connection for writing the representation to.

additional arguments to be passed from or to methods.


Graphviz ( is open source graph visualization software providing several main graph layout programs, of which dot makes “hierarchical” or layered drawings of directed graphs, and hence is typically most suitable for visualizing classification trees.

Using dot, the representation in file can be transformed to PostScript or other displayable graphical formats using (a variant of) dot -Tps >

Some Weka classifiers (e.g., tree learners such as J48 and M5P) implement a “Drawable” interface providing DOT representations of the fitted models. For such classifiers, the write_to_dot method writes the representation to the specified connection.