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A Wrapper of the 'JavaScript' Library 'agGrid'

Data objects in 'R' can be rendered as 'HTML' tables using the 'JavaScript' library 'ag-grid' (typically via 'R Markdown' or 'Shiny'). The 'ag-grid' library has been included in this 'R' package. The package name 'RagGrid' is an abbreviation of 'R agGrid'.


R ag-Grid

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R interface to ag-grid.

This package provides a function aggrid() to display R data via the ag-grid library.


We're still actively developing and hopefully it'll be available in CRAN soon.

But feel free to install from github. You may install the development version using devtools:

# the development version

# then try RagGrid::aggrid(iris) as a hello world example


  1. Grid Options
  2. Table Formatting Options
  3. Integration with Shiny
  4. Cross Talk Demo
  5. Theme


RagGrid has a dependency on ag-grid v17.1.1 which provides community and enterprise options. We've bundled both the versions in this package. Please review the licensing options and terms before you use this software. (https://www.ag-grid.com/license-pricing.php)

Thanks to DT for providing a lot of samples which we've used here in the documentation.

Functions in RagGrid

Name Description
depPath Dependency Path
aggrid Create a HTML widget using the ag-grid library
RagGrid-shiny Shiny bindings for RagGrid
getDeps Get dependencies
formatColumns Format table columns
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