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by Siddharth R

Random Projection

Performs random projection using Johnson-Lindenstrauss (JL) Lemma (see William B.Johnson and Joram Lindenstrauss (1984) <doi:10.1090/conm/026/737400>). Random Projection is a technique, where the data in the high dimensional space is projected into the low dimensional space using JL transform. The original high dimensional data matrix is multiplied with the low dimensional random matrix which results in reduced matrix. The random matrix can be generated by Gaussian matrix or sparse matrix.

Functions in RandPro

Name Description
find_dim_JL Johnson - Lindenstrauss Function
form_gauss_matrix Form Gaussian Matrix
form_sparse_matrix Form Sparse Random Matrix
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Type Package
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData TRUE
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
Repository CRAN
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2017-01-11 05:15:12 UTC; NIT
Date/Publication 2017-01-11 08:59:29
imports stats
Contributors Aghila G, Siddharth R

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