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by John Fox

R Commander

A platform-independent basic-statistics GUI (graphical user interface) for R, based on the tcltk package.

Functions in Rcmdr

Name Description
Rcmdr.sciviews-specific Rcmdr SciViews-specific Functions
plotMeans Plot Means for One or Two-Way Layout
hierarchicalCluster Rcmdr Hierarchical Clustering Dialog
Compute Rcmdr Compute Dialog
KMeans K-Means Clustering Using Multiple Random Seeds
Hist Plot a Histogram
stem.leaf Stem-and-Leaf Display
Rcmdr-package R Commander
Scatter3DDialog Rcmdr 3D Scatterplot Dialog
RcmdrPager Pager for Text Files
assignCluster Append a Cluster Membership Variable to a Dataframe
bin.var Bin a Numeric Varisible
generalizedLinearModel Rcmdr Generalized Linear Model Dialog
partial.cor Partial Correlations
colPercents Row and Column Percentage Tables
linearModel Rcmdr Linear Model Dialog
scatter3d Three-Dimensional Scatterplots and Point Identification
Rcmdr.Utilities Rcmdr Utility Functions
reliability Reliability of a Composite Scale
Commander R Commander
Recode Rcmdr Recode Dialog
Confint Confidence Intervals for Model Coefficients
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