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by John Fox

R Commander

A platform-independent basic-statistics GUI (graphical user interface) for R, based on the tcltk package.

Functions in Rcmdr

Name Description
linearModel Rcmdr Linear Model Dialog
generalizedLinearModel Rcmdr Generalized Linear Model Dialog
Compute Rcmdr Compute Dialog
Confint Confidence Intervals for Model Coefficients
CFA Rcmdr Confirmatory Factor Analysis Dialog
editDataset R Commander Dataset Editor
hierarchicalCluster Rcmdr Hierarchical Clustering Dialog
Commander R Commander
normalityTest Rcmdr Normality Test Dialog
Rcmdr-package R Commander
RcmdrPager Pager for Text Files
Rcmdr-internal tcltk Functions Re-exported by the Rcmdr Package.
Plugins R Commander Plug-in Packages
Scatter3DDialog Rcmdr 3D Scatterplot Dialog
saveOptions Save R Commander Options in an R Profile File
RecodeDialog Rcmdr Recode Dialog
ScriptEditor R Commander Script Editor
Rcmdr.Utilities Rcmdr Utility Functions
AuxiliarySoftware Install R Commander Auxiliary Software
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