R Commander Script Editor

The R Commander script editor is meant to edit scripts in text widgets, such as the R Commander R Markdown and knitr document tabs.


Saving the document, either via the File menu or pressing the OK button closes the editor and modifies the content of the corresponding R Markdown or knitr tab. Closing the editor without saving, by selecting Cancel from the file menu, pressing the Cancel button or destroying the window discards changes to the document. You may also save your edits to the R Markdown or knitr tab without closing the editor. Compiling the document into a report also saves the current edits.

The editor is a “non-modal” dialog, and so may remain open when you work.

See Also

using R Markdown; using knitr.

  • ScriptEditor
Documentation reproduced from package Rcmdr, version 2.6-2, License: GPL (>= 2)

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