Save R Commander Options in an R Profile File

This dialog creates a .Rprofile file, by default in the current directory, adding to it the current R Commander options, set, e.g., in the Options dialog. If R is subsequently restarted in this directory, and the Rcmdr package loaded, then the current R Commander options will be applied. The current directory will typically, though not necessarily, be your home directory --- for example, for Windows users, your Documents directory.

If a .Rprofile file already exists in the current directory, then the R Commander options are added to it at the end of the file, after removing R Commander options previously generated by an earlier invocation of this dialog.

The contents of the .Rprofile file may be edited before you save the file. If you want to start the R Commander automatically when R starts, uncomment (remove the #s from) the four lines

    # local({
    #    old <- getOption('defaultPackages')
    #    options(defaultPackages = c(old, 'Rcmdr'))
    # })

See Startup for a description of the .Rprofile file and the R startup process in general.

See Commander for a description of the various R Commander options.

saveOptions() # typically through the R Commander Tools menu
See Also

Commander, Startup

  • saveOptions
Documentation reproduced from package Rcmdr, version 2.7-1, License: GPL (>= 2)

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