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Styling of Graphics using Cascading Style Sheets

Provides a means to style plots through cascading style sheets. This separates the aesthetics from the data crunching in plots and charts.

Functions in Rcssplot

Name Description
RcssProperty Extract information about property and its value
contour Draw a styled contour
boxplot Draw a styled boxplot
RcssValue Extracts a value from an Rcss object
grid #' Draw a styled grid
ctext Write styled text into a plot corner
matplot Add styled line segments to a plot
mtext Write styled text into a plot margin
barplot Draw a styled barplot
box Add a styled box around a plot
hist Draw a styled histogram
RcssWatch development tool for adjusting Rcss and R graphics code
RcssOverload Overloads base graphics functions by their Rcssplot wrappers
arrows Add styled arrows to a plot
printRcss Display properties encoded in an Rcss object
jpeg Create a styled jpg figure
rect Draw styled rectangles on a plot
abline Add a styled straight line to a plot
legend Add a styled legend to aplot
title Add styled annotation to a plot
stripchart Draw styled strip chart
text Add styled text to a plot
axis Add a styled axis to a plot
polygon Draw a styled polygon on a plot
lines Add styled line segments to a plot
pdf Create a styled pdf figure
plot Create a styled plot
points Add styled points to a plot
png Create a styled png figure
parplot combination of par and plot
par Set styled parameters for base graphics
print.Rcss Show basic information about an Rcss object
RcssCompulsoryClass Vector holding set a compulsory Rcssclass
RcssChangePropertyValue Modify an Rcss style sheet object
RcssGetPropertyValueOrDefault Extract a value for an Rcss property
RcssDefaultStyle Default Rcssplot style sheet
RcssGetCompulsoryClass Get current state of compulsory Rcssclass
Rcss Create an Rcss style object
RcssGetDefaultStyle Get default Rcssplot style object
RcssGetPropertyValue Extract a value for an Rcss property
RcssChange Modify an Rcss style sheet object
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License GPL-2
URL https://github.com/tkonopka/Rcssplot
LazyData true
VignetteBuilder knitr
RoxygenNote 7.0.2
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-12-13 20:32:05 UTC; tkonopka
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-12-13 20:50:02 UTC

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