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Update and Manipulate Rd Documentation Objects

Functions for manipulation of Rd objects, including function reprompt() for updating existing Rd documentation for functions, methods and classes and function rebib() for import of references from 'bibtex' files. There is also a macro for importing 'bibtex' references which an be used in Rd files and 'roxygen' comments without importing this package.

Functions in Rdpack

Name Description
deparse_usage Convert f_usage objects to text appropriate for usage sections in Rd files
get_usage_text Get the text of the usage section of Rd documentation
get_sig_text Produce the textual form of the signatures of available methods for an S4 generic function
format_funusage Format the usage text of functions
append_to_Rd_list Add content to the element of an Rd object or fragment at a given position
bibentry_key Give the key associated with a bibentry element
get_bibentries Get all references from a Bibtex file
c_Rd Concatenate Rd objects or pieces
compare_usage1 Compare usage entries for a function
char2Rdpiece Convert a character vector to Rd piece
parse_pairlist Parse formal arguments of functions
inspect_slots Inspect the slots of an S4 class
inspect_signatures Inspect signatures of S4 methods
list_Rd Combine Rd fragments
inspect_Rd Inspect and update an Rd object or file
insert_ref Insert bibtex references in Rd and roxygen documentation
inspect_usage Inspect the usage section in an Rd object
inspect_args Inspect the argument section of an Rd object
parse_Rdname Parse the name section of an Rd object
parse_Rdpiece Parse a piece of Rd source text
promptUsage Usage text for a function, S3 method or S4 method
Rd_combo Manipulate a number of Rd files
parse_usage_text Parse usage text
Rdo_remove_srcref Remove srcref attributes from Rd objects
parse_text Parse expressions residing in character vectors
Rdapply Apply a function over an Rd object
Rdo_append_argument Append an item for a new argument to an Rd object
promptPackageSexpr Generates a shell of documentation for an installed package
parse_Rdtext Parse Rd source text as the contents of a section
Rdo_collect_metadata Collect aliases or other metadata from an Rd object
Rdo_get_item_labels ~~ Dummy title ~~
Rdo_locate_leaves Find leaves of an Rd object using a predicate
Rdo_locate Find positions of elements in an Rd object
Rdo_insert_element Insert a new element in an Rd object
Rdo_get_insert_pos Find the position of an "Rd_tag"
Rdo_flatinsert Insert content in an Rd fragment
Rdo_empty_sections Find or remove empty sections in Rd objects
Rdo_get_argument_names Get the names of arguments in usage sections of Rd objects
Rdo_insert Insert a new element in an Rd object possibly surrounding it with new lines
Rdo_is_newline Check if an Rd fragment represents a newline character
Rdo_show Convert an Rd object to text and show it
Rdo_macro Format Rd fragments as macros (todo: a baffling title!)
Rdo_set_section Replace a section in an Rd file
rebib Work with bibtex references in Rd documentation
Rdo_modify_simple Simple modification of Rd objects
reprompt Update the documentation of a topic
Rdo_tag Set the Rd_tag of an object
Rdo_piecetag Give information about Rd elements
Rdo_modify Replace or modify parts of Rd objects
Rdo_tags Give the Rd tags at the top level of an Rd object
.capture_promptAny Internal functions used by reprompt
update_aliases_tmp Update aliases for methods in Rd objects
S4formals Give the formal arguments of an S4 method
Rdo_which Find elements of Rd objects for which a condition is true
rdo_text_restore ~~ Dummy title ~~
Rdo_reparse Reparse an Rd object
Rdo2Rdf Convert an Rd object to Rd file format
.asym_compare Tensor comparison and asymmetric comparison between two vectors
Rdo_sections Locate the sections in Rd objects
Rdreplace_section Replace the contents of a section in one or more Rd files
.bsdup Escape backslashes and percent in Rd code
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Date 2016-07-26
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyLoad yes
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-07-26 15:39:15 UTC; mcbssgb2
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-07-26 22:49:56

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