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Record Linkage in R

Provides functions for linking and de-duplicating data sets. Methods based on a stochastic approach are implemented as well as classification algorithms from the machine learning domain.

Functions in RecordLinkage

Name Description
getExpectedSize Estimate number of record pairs.
epiClassify Classify record pairs with EpiLink weights
isFALSE Check for FALSE
makeBlockingPairs Create record pairs from blocks of ids.
texSummary LaTeX Summary of linkage results
trainSupv Train a Classifier
getFrequencies-methods Get attribute frequencies
emClassify Weight-based Classification of Data Pairs
genSamples Generate Training Set
ff_vector-class Class "ff_vector"
epiWeights Calculate EpiLink weights
mygllm Generalized Log-Linear Fitting
deleteNULLs Remove NULL Values
mrl Mean Residual Life Plot
splitData Split Data
classifySupv Supervised Classification
editMatch Edit Matching Status
getTable-methods Build contingency table
getParetoThreshold Estimate Threshold from Pareto Distribution
gpdEst Estimate Threshold from Pareto Distribution
internals Internal functions and methods
resample Safe Sampling
show Show a RLBigData object
subset Subset operator for record linkage objects
optimalThreshold Optimal Threshold for Record Linkage
emWeights Calculate weights
getMinimalTrain Create a minimal training set
getPairsBackend Backend function for getPairs
unorderedPairs Create Unordered Pairs
phonetics Phonetic Code
classifyUnsup Unsupervised Classification
clone Serialization of record linkage object.
RecLinkClassif-class Class "RecLinkClassif"
RecLinkResult-class Class "RecLinkResult"
RLBigData-class Class "RLBigData"
RLBigDataDedup-class Class "RLBigDataDedup"
%append%-methods Concatenate comparison patterns or classification results
RLBigDataLinkage-class Class "RLBigDataLinkage"
RLResult-class Class "RLResult"
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License GPL (>= 2)
Collate register-S3-classes.r RLBigData-classes.r RLResult-class.r accessor-methods.r evt.r classify.r classifySupv-methods.r genSamples.r strcmp.r compare.r getPairs.r summary.r em-methods.r internals.r em.r mygllm.r epilink-methods.r phonetics.r onAttach.r getPairs-methods.r serialization.r tools.r stochastic.r
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-03-14 10:54:38 UTC; borg
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-03-14 17:03:31 UTC

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