ReporteRs: a package to create document from R

ReporteRs is an R package for creating Microsoft (Word docx and Powerpoint pptx) and html documents.


Package: ReporteRs
Type: Package
Version: 0.4
Date: 2014-03-13
License: GPL (>= 3)
LazyLoad: yes

To get an r document object:

  • docx Create a Microsoft Word document object

  • pptx Create a Microsoft PowerPoint document object

  • html Create an HTML document object

The following functions can be used whatever the output format is (docx, pptx, html).

Note that html is experimental.

Default values:

With ReporteRs, some options can be used to reduce usage of some parameters:

  • ReporteRs-default-font Default font family to use (default to "Helvetica"). This will be used as default values for argument fontname of addPlot and argument of pot.

  • ReporteRs-fontsize Default font size to use (default to 11). This will be used as default values for argument pointsize of addPlot and argument font.size of pot.

  • ReporteRs-locale.language language encoding (for html objects). Default to "en".

  • ReporteRs-locale.region region encoding (for html objects). Default to "US".


options(ReporteRs-fontsize=10, ReporteRs-default-font="Arial")

  • ReporteRs
  • ReporteRs-package
Documentation reproduced from package ReporteRs, version 0.5, License: GPL-3

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