Create Microsoft PowerPoint document object representation

Create a "pptx" object

pptx(title, template)

"character" value: title of the document (in the doc properties).


"character" value, it represents the filename of the pptx file used as a template.


To send R output in a pptx document, a slide (see addSlide.pptx have to be added to the object first (because output is beeing written in slides).

Several methods can used to send R output into an object of class "pptx".

Once object has content, user can write the pptx into a ".pptx" file, see writeDoc.


an object of class "pptx".


Power Point 2007-2013 (*.pptx) file formats are the only supported files.

Document are manipulated in-memory ; a pptx's document is not written to the disk unless the writeDoc method has been called on the object.


Wikipedia: Office Open XMLhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_Open_XML

See Also

addTitle.pptx, addImage.pptx, addParagraph.pptx , addPlot.pptx, addTable.pptx , slide.layouts.pptx, writeDoc.pptx

  • pptx
require( ggplot2 )

# PowerPoint document to write
pptx.file <- "document_example.pptx"

# set default font to 28pt
options("ReporteRs-fontsize" = 28)

# Create a new document
doc = pptx( title = "title" )

# display layouts names
slide.layouts( doc )

# add a slide with layout "Title Slide"
doc = addSlide( doc, slide.layout = "Title Slide" )

doc = addTitle( doc, "Presentation title" ) #set the main title
doc = addSubtitle( doc , "This document is generated with ReporteRs.")#set the sub-title

# add a slide with layout "Title and Content" then add content
doc = addSlide( doc, slide.layout = "Two Content" )
doc = addTitle( doc, "Texts demo" ) #set the main title
texts = c( "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."
, "In sit amet ipsum tellus. Vivamus dignissim arcu sit amet faucibus auctor."
, "Quisque dictum tristique ligula."
# add simple text
doc = addParagraph( doc, value = texts)

# Add "My tailor is rich" and "Cats and Dogs"
# format some of the pieces of text
# Add "My tailor is rich" and "Cats and Dogs"
# format some of the pieces of text
pot1 = pot("My tailor"
     , textProperties(color="red") ) + " is " + pot("rich"
             , textProperties(font.weight="bold") )
pot2 = pot("Cats", textProperties(color="red")
) + " and " + pot("Dogs", textProperties(color="blue") )
doc = addParagraph(doc, set_of_paragraphs( pot1, pot2 ) )

myplot = qplot(Sepal.Length, Petal.Length
     , data = iris, color = Species
     , size = Petal.Width, alpha = I(0.7)
doc = addSlide( doc, slide.layout = "Title and Content" )

# Add title and then 'myplot'
doc = addTitle( doc, "Plot example" )
doc = addPlot( doc, function( ) print( myplot ), pointsize = 11 )

doc = addSlide( doc, slide.layout = "Title and Content" )
# Add title and then a sample of iris
doc = addTitle( doc, "Table example" )
doc = addTable( doc, data = iris[25:33, ] )

# write the doc
writeDoc( doc, pptx.file)
# }
Documentation reproduced from package ReporteRs, version 0.5, License: GPL-3

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