ReporteRs: a package to create document from R

ReporteRs lets you create Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and html documents.


ll{ Package: ReporteRs Type: Package Version: 0.7.7 Date: 2015-03-01 License: GPL (>= 3) LazyLoad: yes }

To get an r document object:

  • docxCreate a Microsoft Word document object
  • pptxCreate a Microsoft PowerPoint document object
  • bsdocCreate an HTML document object

The following functions can be used whatever the output format is (docx, pptx, bsdoc).

ReporteRs comes with an object of class pot to let you handle text output and format. You can associate a text with formats (font size, font color, etc.), with an hyperlink or with a Footnote as a reference note.

ReporteRs comes also with an object of class FlexTable that let you design and format tabular outputs.

If many text output is needed you may consider using function addMarkdown.

Default values:

With ReporteRs, some options can be used to reduce usage of some parameters:

  • "ReporteRs-default-font"Default font family to use (default to "Helvetica"). This will be used as default values for argumentfontnameofaddPlotand argumentfont.familyofpot.
  • "ReporteRs-fontsize"Default font size to use (default to 11). This will be used as default values for argumentpointsizeofaddPlotand argumentfont.sizeofpot.
  • "ReporteRs-backtick-color"backtick font color in markdown
  • "ReporteRs-backtick-shading-color"backtick shading color in markdown
  • "ReporteRs-list-definition"seelist.settings.
  • "ReporteRs-locale.language"language encoding (for html objects). Default to "en".
  • "ReporteRs-locale.region"region encoding (for html objects). Default to "US".


Examples are in a dontrun section as they are using font that may be not available on the host machine. Default font is Helvetica, it can be modified with option ReporteRs-default-font. To run an example with 'Arial' default font, run first

options("ReporteRs-default-font" = "Arial")

  • ReporteRs
  • ReporteRs-package
options("ReporteRs-fontsize"=10, "ReporteRs-default-font"="Helvetica")
numbering.pattern = c( "%1.", "%1. %2.", "%1. %2. %3.", 
  "%4.", "%5.", "%6.", "%7.", "%8.", "%9." )

ordered.formats = rep( c( "decimal", "upperRoman", "upperLetter"), 3 )

unordered.formats = rep( c( "square", "disc", "circle"), 3 )

left.indent = seq( from = 0, by = 0.5, length.out = 9)

options("ReporteRs-list-definition" = list( 
  ol.left = left.indent, 
  ol.hanging = rep( 0.4, 9 ), 
  ol.format = ordered.formats, 
  ol.pattern = numbering.pattern, 
  ul.left = left.indent, 
  ul.hanging = rep( 0.4, 9 ), 
  ul.format = unordered.formats
Documentation reproduced from package ReporteRs, version 0.7.7, License: GPL-3

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