ReporteRs v0.8.5

by David Gohel

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and HTML Documents Generation

Create Microsoft Word document (>=2007), Microsoft Powerpoint document (>=2007) and HTML documents from R. There are several features to let you format and present R outputs ; e.g. Editable Vector Graphics, functions for complex tables reporting, reuse of corporate template document (*.docx and *.pptx). You can use the package as a tool for fast reporting and as a tool for reporting automation. The package does not require any installation of Microsoft product to be able to write Microsoft files (docx and pptx).

Functions in ReporteRs

Name Description
as.FlexTable R tables as FlexTables
FlexRow Row object for FlexTable
parJustify shortcut for justified alignment
addIframe Add an iframe into a document object
addMarkdown.pptx Add a markdown text or file into a pptx object
add.pot add a paraggraph to an existing set of paragraphs of text
textBoldItalic shortcut for bold italic
addParagraph Add a paragraph into a document object
addFlexTable Insert a FlexTable into a document object
pot_img Image to be concatenate with pot object
light.table get a simple FlexTable from a dataset
textBold shortcut for bold
addMarkdown Add a markdown text or file
addPageNumber Insert a page number into a document object
FlexCell Cell object for FlexTable
textProperties Text formatting properties
addSubtitle.pptx Insert a addSubtitle shape into a pptx object
Footnote Create a Footnote
borderSolid shortcut for solid border
chprop Change a formatting properties object
addPageBreak Add a page break into a document object
as.html get HTML code
addLinkItem add an item in a BootstrapMenu or a DropDownMenu
as.html.RScript get HTML code from a RScript object
setFlexTableBackgroundColors applies background colors to cells of a FlexTable
knit_print.FlexTable FlexTable custom printing function for knitr
DropDownMenu Create a bootstrap DropDownMenu
textItalic shortcut for italic
BootstrapMenu Create a bootstrap DropDownMenu
addFooter.bsdoc Add text in footer of a bsdoc object
addPlot Add a plot into a document object
declareTitlesStyles Set manually headers'styles of a document object
as.FlexTable.sessionInfo get FlexTable from a sessionInfo object
addCodeBlock Add code block into a document object
setFlexTableWidths set columns widths of a FlexTable
print.Footnote print a Footnote
pptx Create Microsoft PowerPoint document object representation
RScript RScript object
print.bsdoc Print method for bsdoc objects.
slide.layouts Get layout names of a document object
bsdoc Create an object representation of a bootstrap html document
borderDashed shortcut for dashed border
doc-list-settings format ordered and unordered lists
toc.options.docx Set TOC options
textNormal shortcut for default textProperties
as.html.bsdoc get HTML code from a bsdoc object
vanilla.table get a simple FlexTable from a dataset
borderNone shortcut for no border
docx-bookmark docx bookmarks
parLeft shortcut for left alignment
FlexTable FlexTable creation
CodeBlock Code Block Object
addColumnBreak Add a column break into a section
cellProperties Cell formatting properties
[<-.FlexTable alter FlexTable content and format
toc.options Set TOC options for a document object
deleteBookmarkNextContent delete first content after a bookmark into a docx object
addSubtitle Add a subtitle shape into a document object
addTOC Add a table of contents into a document object
spanFlexTableRows Span rows within columns
is.color color checking
setFlexTableBorders change grid lines of a FlexTable
setZebraStyle FlexTable rows zebra striping
pot Piece of Text (formated text)
writeDoc Write a document object
print.pot Print pot objects
addRScript Add R script into a document object
addHeaderRow add header in a FlexTable
addIframe.bsdoc Insert an iframe into a bsdoc object
addFooter.pptx Insert a footer shape into a document pptx object
[<-.FlexRow modify FlexRow content
addDocument Add an external document into a document object
parRight shortcut for right alignment
print.FlexTable Print FlexTables
addJavascript add javascript into a bsdoc object
setRowsColors applies background colors to rows of a FlexTable
ReporteRs-package ReporteRs: a package to create document from R
as.html.FlexTable get HTML code from a FlexTable
set_of_paragraphs Set of paragraphs of text
addBootstrapMenu add a BootstrapMenu into a bsdoc object.
addSlide Add a slide into a document object
addParagraph.Footnote Insert a paragraph into a Footnote object
addSection Add a section into a document object
as.html.pot get HTML code from a pot
deleteBookmark delete a bookmark into a docx object
text_extract Simple Text Extraction From a Word Document
docx Create Microsoft Word document object representation
+.pot pot concatenation
spanFlexTableColumns Span columns within rows
styles Get styles names of a document object
addDate Insert a date
borderProperties border properties object
borderDotted shortcut for dotted border
addMarkdown.bsdoc Add a markdown text or file into an bsdoc object
declareTitlesStyles.docx Set manually headers'styles of a docx object
addMarkdown.docx Add a markdown text or file into a docx object
addTitle Add a title into a document object
parCenter shortcut for centered alignment
renderFlexTable FlexTable output for shiny
parProperties Paragraph formatting properties
setColumnsColors applies background colors to columns of a FlexTable
addPageNumber.pptx Insert a page number shape into a document pptx object
knit_print.pot pot custom printing function for knitr
list_bookmarks List Bookmarks from a Word Document
addFooter Insert a footer into a document object
addFooterRow add footer in a FlexTable
addImage Add an external image into a document object
slide.layouts.pptx Get layout names of a pptx document
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Type Package
License GPL-3
Copyright See file COPYRIGHTS.
SystemRequirements java (>= 1.6)
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-02-25 18:00:38 UTC; davidgohel
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-02-26 17:39:56

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