ReporteRs v0.8.6

by David Gohel

Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and HTML Documents Generation

Create 'Microsoft Word' document (>=2007), 'Microsoft PowerPoint' document (>=2007) and 'HTML' documents from R. There are several features to let you format and present R outputs ; e.g. Editable Vector Graphics, functions for complex tables reporting, reuse of corporate template document. You can use the package as a tool for fast reporting and as a tool for reporting automation. The package does not require any installation of Microsoft product to be able to write Microsoft files.

Functions in ReporteRs

Name Description
addFooter.bsdoc Add text in footer of a bsdoc object
DropDownMenu Create a bootstrap DropDownMenu
colorProperties color properties object
setFlexTableWidths set columns widths of a FlexTable
addTitle Add a title into a document object
FlexRow Row object for FlexTable
addLinkItem add an item in a BootstrapMenu or a DropDownMenu
[<-.FlexRow modify FlexRow content
deleteBookmarkNextContent delete first content after a bookmark into a docx object
addFlexTable Insert a FlexTable into a document object
addColumnBreak Add a column break into a section
addMarkdown.pptx Add a markdown text or file into a pptx object
addSubtitle Add a subtitle shape into a document object
addHeaderRow add header in a FlexTable
declareTitlesStyles Set manually headers'styles of a document object
RScript RScript object
as.FlexTable.sessionInfo get FlexTable from a sessionInfo object
BootstrapMenu Create a bootstrap DropDownMenu
FlexTable FlexTable creation
addCodeBlock Add code block into a document object
ReporteRs-package ReporteRs: a package to create document from R
addFooter.pptx Insert a footer shape into a document pptx object
as.html get HTML code
addFooterRow add footer in a FlexTable
as.FlexTable R tables as FlexTables
textNormal shortcuts for formatting properties
addPageNumber.pptx Insert a page number shape into a document pptx object
addImage Add an external image into a document object
FlexCell Cell object for FlexTable
as.html.bsdoc get HTML code from a bsdoc object
pptx Create Microsoft PowerPoint document object representation
addDate Insert a date
addPlot Add a plot into a document object
addSlide Add a slide into a document object
addBootstrapMenu add a BootstrapMenu into a bsdoc object.
addSection Add a section into a document object
parProperties Paragraph formatting properties
addIframe.bsdoc Insert an iframe into a bsdoc object
pot Piece of Text (formated text)
addDocument Add an external document into a document object
setFlexTableBorders change grid lines of a FlexTable
slide.layouts.pptx Get layout names of a pptx document
chprop Change a formatting properties object
deleteBookmark delete a bookmark into a docx object
pot_img Image to be concatenate with pot object
Footnote Create a Footnote
vanilla.table get a simple FlexTable from a dataset
setZebraStyle FlexTable rows zebra striping
as.html.pot get HTML code from a pot
addJavascript add javascript into a bsdoc object
addPageNumber Insert a page number into a document object
docx-bookmark docx bookmarks
slide.layouts Get layout names of a document object
docx Create Microsoft Word document object representation
setRowsColors applies background colors to rows of a FlexTable
is.color color checking
set_of_paragraphs Set of paragraphs of text
chprop.FlexTable format FlexTable
text_extract Simple Text Extraction From a Word Document
addSubtitle.pptx Insert a addSubtitle shape into a pptx object
toc.options Set TOC options for a document object
addFooter Insert a footer into a document object
addMarkdown.docx Add a markdown text or file into a docx object
addPageBreak Add a page break into a document object
print.bsdoc Print method for bsdoc objects.
spanFlexTableRows Span rows within columns
addParagraph Add a paragraph into a document object
print.FlexTable Print FlexTables
add.pot add a paraggraph to an existing set of paragraphs of text
toc.options.docx Set TOC options
list_bookmarks List Bookmarks from a Word Document
knit_print.pot pot custom printing function for knitr
light.table get a simple FlexTable from a dataset
addTOC Add a table of contents into a document object
+.pot pot concatenation
addParagraph.Footnote Insert a paragraph into a Footnote object
addRScript Add R script into a document object
print.pot Print pot objects
print.Footnote print a Footnote
knit_print.FlexTable FlexTable custom printing function for knitr
spanFlexTableColumns Span columns within rows
[<-.FlexTable alter FlexTable content and format
as.html.RScript get HTML code from a RScript object
styles Get styles names of a document object
declareTitlesStyles.docx Set manually headers'styles of a docx object
renderFlexTable FlexTable output for shiny
setFlexTableBackgroundColors applies background colors to cells of a FlexTable
cellProperties Cell formatting properties
setColumnsColors applies background colors to columns of a FlexTable
as.html.FlexTable get HTML code from a FlexTable
bsdoc Create an object representation of a bootstrap html document
addMarkdown.bsdoc Add a markdown text or file into an bsdoc object
addMarkdown Add a markdown text or file
textProperties Text formatting properties
borderProperties border properties object
writeDoc Write a document object
CodeBlock Code Block Object
addIframe Add an iframe into a document object
doc-list-settings format ordered and unordered lists
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Type Package
License GPL-3
Copyright See file COPYRIGHTS.
SystemRequirements java (>= 1.6)
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-03-08 07:27:05 UTC; davidgohel
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-03-08 14:21:45

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