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Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)

An interface (wrapper) to MPI. It also provides interactive R manager and worker environment.

Functions in Rmpi

Name Description
mpi.comm.size MPI\_Comm\_c2f, MPI\_Comm\_dup, MPI\_Comm\_rank, and MPI\_Comm\_size APIs
mpi.abort MPI\_Abort API
mpi.get.sourcetag Utility for finding the source and tag of a received message
mpi.cartdim.get MPI\_Cartdim\_get
mpi.sendrecv MPI\_Sendrecv and MPI\_Sendrecv\_replace APIs
mpi.iapplyLB (Load balancing) parallel apply with nonblocking features
mpi.intercomm.merge MPI\_Intercomm\_merge API
mpi.info.create MPI\_Info\_create, MPI\_Info\_free, MPI\_Info\_get, MPI\_Info\_set APIs
mpi.setup.rngstream Setup parallel RNG on all slaves
mpi.any.source MPI Constants
mpi.apply Scatter an array to slaves and then apply a FUN
mpi.exit Exit MPI Environment
mpi.bcast.Robj Extensions of MPI\_Bcast API
mpi.cart.get MPI\_Cart\_get
mpi.bcast.cmd Extension of MPI\_Bcast API
mpi.cart.rank MPI\_Cart\_rank
mpi.gather MPI\_Gather, MPI\_Gatherv, MPI\_Allgather, and MPI\_Allgatherv APIs
mpi.gather.Robj Extentions of MPI\_Gather and MPI\_Allgather APIs
mpi.comm.disconnect MPI\_Comm\_disconnect API
mpi.finalize MPI\_Finalize API
mpi.comm.set.errhandler MPI\_Comm\_set\_errhandler API
mpi.dims.create MPI\_Dims\_create
mpi.reduce MPI\_Reduce and MPI\_Allreduce APIs
mpi.wait Nonblocking completion operations
mpi.probe MPI\_Probe and MPI\_Iprobe APIs
mpi.realloc Find and increase the lengthes of MPI opaques comm, request, and status
mpi.send MPI\_Send, MPI\_Isend, MPI\_Recv, and MPI\_Irecv APIs
mpi.send.Robj Extensions of MPI\_Send and MPI\_Recv APIs
mpi.remote.exec Remote Executions on R slaves
mpi.scatter MPI\_Scatter and MPI\_Scatterv APIs
mpi.comm.spawn MPI\_Comm\_spawn API
mpi.scatter.Robj Extensions of MPI\_ SCATTER and MPI\_SCATTERV
mpi.get.count MPI\_Get\_count API
mpi.parSim Parallel Monte Carlo Simulation
mpi.get.processor.name MPI\_Get\_processor\_name API
mpi.applyLB (Load balancing) parallel apply
mpi.spawn.Rslaves Spawn and Close R Slaves
mpi.universe.size MPI\_Universe\_size API
lamhosts Hosts Information
mpi.bcast MPI\_Bcast API
mpi.barrier MPI\_Barrier API
mpi.comm.free MPI\_Comm\_free API
mpi.cart.coords MPI\_Cart\_coords
mpi.comm.get.parent MPI\_Comm\_get\_parent, MPI\_Comm\_remote\_size, MPI\_Comm\_test\_inter APIs
mpi.cart.create MPI\_Cart\_create
mpi.cart.shift MPI\_Cart\_shift
string Internal functions
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Date 2018-11-12
License GPL (>= 2)
URL http://fisher.stats.uwo.ca/faculty/yu/Rmpi
Packaged 2018-11-12 18:51:40 UTC; hyu
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-11-13 08:40:06 UTC
imports parallel
depends R (>= 2.15.1)
Contributors Hao Yu

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