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Robust Asymptotic Statistics

Base S4-classes and functions for robust asymptotic statistics.

Functions in RobAStBase

Name Description
BoundedWeight-class Robust Weight classes for bounded weights
HampelWeight-class Robust Weight classes for weights of Hampel type
RobModel-class Robust model
TotalVarNeighborhood Generating function for TotalVarNeighborhood-class
UncondNeighborhood-class Unconditional neighborhood
internals_for_RobAStBase Internal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase
getweight-methods Generating weights
RobAStControl-class Control classes in package RobAStBase
internals_for_qqplot Internal functions for qqplot of package RobAStBase
infoPlot Plot absolute and relative information
InfluenceCurve Generating function for InfluenceCurve-class
InfRobModel Generating function for InfRobModel-class
HampIC-class Influence curve of Hampel type
FixRobModel Generating function for FixRobModel-class
RobAStBaseMASK Masking of/by other functions in package "RobAStBase"
IC-class Influence curve
OptionalInfluenceCurve-class Some helper Classes in package 'RobAStBase'
InfluenceCurve-class Influence curve
RobAStBaseOptions Function to change the global variables of the package `RobAStBase'
PlotIC Wrapper function for plot method for IC
getRiskFctBV-methods Methods for Function getRiskFctBV in Package `RobAStBase'
TotalVarIC Generating function for TotalVarIC-class
getRiskIC Generic function for the computation of a risk for an IC
InfoPlot Wrapper function for information plot method
RobWeight-class Robust Weight classes
normtype-methods Methods for Function normtype in Package `RobAStBase'
TotalVarIC-class Influence curve of total variation type
biastype-methods Methods for Function biastype in Package `RobAStBase'
MEstimate-class MEstimate-class.
TotalVarNeighborhood-class Total variation neighborhood
InfRobModel-class Robust model with infinitesimal (unconditional) neighborhood
IC Generating function for IC-class
Neighborhood-class Neighborhood
oneStepEstimator Function for the computation of one-step estimates
comparePlot-methods Compare - Plots
checkIC Generic Function for Checking ICs
cutoff-class Cutoff class for distance-distance plots
getBoundedIC getBoundedIC
interpolRisk-class Interpolated Risks
internals_for_RobAStBase_ddPlot Internal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase for ddPlot
getFiRisk Generic Function for Computation of Finite-Sample Risks
cutoff Generating function(s) for class 'cutoff'
generateIC.fct-methods Generic Function for making ICs consistent at a possibly different model
samplesize-methods Methods for Function samplesize in Package `RobAStBase'
getBiasIC Generic function for the computation of the asymptotic bias for an IC
kStepEstimate-class kStepEstimate-class.
kStepEstimator Function for the computation of k-step estimates
makeIC Generic Function for making ICs consistent at a possibly different model
masked-methods Masked Methods from Packages `stats' and `graphics' in Package `RobAStBase'
internal_helpers_for_producing_grids_in_plots_RobAStBase Internal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase for grids in plot functions
plot-methods Methods for Function plot in Package `RobAStBase'
qqplot Methods for Function qqplot in Package `RobAStBase'
internals_for_RobAStBase_plot Internal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase for plot functions
optIC Generic function for the computation of optimally robust ICs
ddPlot-methods Methods for Function ddPlot in Package `RobAStBase'
outlyingPlotIC Function outlyingPlotIC in Package `RobAStBase'
evalIC Generic function for evaluating ICs
generateIC Generic function for the generation of influence curves
kStepEstimator.start-methods Methods for function kStepEstimator.start in Package `RobAStBase'
locMEstimator Generic function for the computation of location M estimates
.merge.lists Merging Lists
movToRef-methods Methods for Functions moving from and to reference parameter in Package `ROptEst'
rescaleFunction-methods Methods for Function rescaleFunction in Package `RobAStBase'
returnlevelplot Methods for Function returnlevelplot in Package `RobAStBase'
ComparePlot Wrapper function for function comparePlot
ContIC-class Influence curve of contamination type
ContNeighborhood Generating function for ContNeighborhood-class
FixRobModel-class Robust model with fixed (unconditional) neighborhood
BdStWeight-class Robust Weight classes for bounded, standardized weights
RobAStBase-package Robust Asymptotic Statistics
ALEstimate-class ALEstimate-class.
ContIC Generating function for ContIC-class
ContNeighborhood-class Contamination Neighborhood
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