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Time-Frequency Analysis of 1-D Signals

A set of R functions which provide an environment for the Time-Frequency analysis of 1-D signals (and especially for the wavelet and Gabor transforms of noisy signals). It was originally written for Splus by Rene Carmona, Bruno Torresani, and Wen L. Hwang, first at the University of California at Irvine and then at Princeton University. Credit should also be given to Andrea Wang whose functions on the dyadic wavelet transform are included. Rwave is based on the book: "Practical Time-Frequency Analysis: Gabor and Wavelet Transforms with an Implementation in S", by Rene Carmona, Wen L. Hwang and Bruno Torresani (1998, eBook ISBN:978008053942), Academic Press.

Functions in Rwave

Name Description
DOG Continuous Wavelet Transform with derivative of Gaussian
Ekg Heart Rate Data
W_tilda.2 Pixel from Amber Camara
W_tilda.3 Pixel from Amber Camara
RidgeSampling Sampling Gabor Ridge
Undocumented Undocumented Functions in Rwave
SVD Singular Value Decomposition
HeartRate Pixel from Amber Camara
adjust.length Zero Padding
amber7 Pixel from Amber Camara
W_tilda.4 Pixel from Amber Camara
W_tilda.5 Pixel from Amber Camara
amber8 Pixel from Amber Camara
amber9 Pixel from Amber Camara
chirpm5db.dat Pixel from Amber Camara
W_tilda.1 Pixel from Amber Camara
W_tilda.8 Pixel from Amber Camara
W_tilda.9 Pixel from Amber Camara
back1.000 Acoustic Returns
A0 Transient Signal
A4 Transient Signal
back1.220 Acoustic Returns
backscatter.1.000 Pixel from Amber Camara
cfamily Ridge Chaining Procedure
cgt Continuous Gabor Transform
D4 Transient Signal
W_tilda.6 Pixel from Amber Camara
W_tilda.7 Pixel from Amber Camara
B0 Transient Signal
B4 Transient Signal
YN Logarithms of the Prices of Japanese Yen
YNdiff Daily differences of Japanese Yen
ch Chen's Chirp
check.maxresoln Verify Maximum Resolution
dwinverse Inverse Dyadic Wavelet Transform
gridrec Reconstruction from a Ridge
gsampleOne Sampled Identity
cleanph Threshold Phase based on Modulus
crfview Display chained ridges
cwt Continuous Wavelet Transform
corona Ridge Estimation by Corona Method
coronoid Ridge Estimation by Modified Corona Method
cwtTh Cauchy's wavelet transform
D0 Transient Signal
regrec2 Reconstruction from a Ridge
ridrec Reconstruction from a Ridge
sig_W_tilda.4 Pixel from Amber Camara
sig_W_tilda.5 Pixel from Amber Camara
backscatter.1.180 Pixel from Amber Camara
backscatter.1.220 Pixel from Amber Camara
crc Ridge Extraction by Crazy Climbers
skeleton2 Reconstruction from Dual Wavelet
smoothts Smoothing Time Series
sridrec Simple Reconstruction from Ridge
tfgmax Time-Frequency Transform Global Maxima
noisywave Noisy Gravitational Wave
npl Prepare Graphics Environment
plotwt Plot Dyadic Wavelet Transform
pure.dat Pixel from Amber Camara
gabor Generate Gabor function
gcrcrec Crazy Climbers Reconstruction by Penalization
mw Dyadic Wavelet Transform
noisy.dat Pixel from Amber Camara
click Dolphin Click Data
click.asc Pixel from Amber Camara
cwtpolar Conversion to Polar Coordinates
crcrec Crazy Climbers Reconstruction by Penalization
fastgkernel Kernel for Reconstruction from Gabor Ridges
fastkernel Kernel for Reconstruction from Wavelet Ridges
hurst.est Estimate Hurst Exponent
pixel_8.7 Pixel from Amber Camara
pixel_8.8 Pixel from Amber Camara
sig_W_tilda.2 Pixel from Amber Camara
sig_W_tilda.3 Pixel from Amber Camara
signal_W_tilda.5 Pixel from Amber Camara
signal_W_tilda.6 Pixel from Amber Camara
tflmax Time-Frequency Transform Local Maxima
tfmean Average frequency by frequency
icm Ridge Estimation by ICM Method
mbtrim Trim Dyadic Wavelet Transform Extrema
mntrim Trim Dyadic Wavelet Transform Extrema
cwtsquiz Squeezed Continuous Wavelet Transform
gwave Gabor Functions on a Ridge
gwave2 Real Gabor Functions on a Ridge
rkernel Kernel for Reconstruction from Wavelet Ridges
rwkernel Kernel for Reconstruction from Wavelet Ridges
WV Wigner-Ville function
yen Pixel from Amber Camara
zeroskeleton Reconstruction from Dual Wavelets
back1.180 Acoustic Returns
C0 Transient Signal
C4 Transient Signal
cwtimage Continuous Wavelet Transform Display
scrcrec Simple Reconstruction from Crazy Climbers Ridges
sig_W_tilda.1 Pixel from Amber Camara
signal_W_tilda.3 Pixel from Amber Camara
signal_W_tilda.4 Pixel from Amber Camara
smoothwt Smoothing and Time Frequency Representation
snake Ridge Estimation by Snake Method
vwt Voice Wavelet Transform
vDOG DOG Wavelet Transform on one Voice
vecgabor Gabor Functions on a Ridge
yendiff Pixel from Amber Camara
zerokernel Reconstruction from Wavelet Ridges
morlet Morlet Wavelets
morwave Ridge Morvelets
cwtp Continuous Wavelet Transform with Phase Derivative
epl Plot Dyadic Wavelet Transform Extrema
ext Extrema of Dyadic Wavelet Transform
gkernel Kernel for Reconstruction from Gabor Ridges
gregrec Reconstruction from a Ridge
morwave2 Real Ridge Morvelets
mrecons Reconstruct from Dyadic Wavelet Transform Extrema
purwave Pure Gravitational Wave
wRidgeSampling Sampling wavelet Ridge
pixel_8.9 Pixel from Amber Camara
plotResult Plot Dyadic Wavelet Transform Extrema
signal_W_tilda.1 Pixel from Amber Camara
signal_W_tilda.2 Pixel from Amber Camara
signal_W_tilda.9 Pixel from Amber Camara
skeleton Reconstruction from Dual Wavelets
snakeview Restriction to a Snake
regrec Reconstruction from a Ridge
signal_W_tilda.7 Pixel from Amber Camara
signal_W_tilda.8 Pixel from Amber Camara
tfpct Percentile frequency by frequency
snakoid Modified Snake Method
vecmorlet Morlet Wavelets on a Ridge
vgt Gabor Transform on one Voice
zeroskeleton2 Reconstruction from Dual Wavelets
tfvar Variance frequency by frequency
wpl Plot Dyadic Wavelet Transform. Log of Wavelet Spectrum Plot
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