Set operations on vector-like objects

Perform set operations on Vector objects.

## S3 method for class 'Vector,Vector':
union(x, y)

## S3 method for class 'Vector,Vector': intersect(x, y)

## S3 method for class 'Vector,Vector': setdiff(x, y)

## S3 method for class 'Vector,Vector': setequal(x, y)

x, y
Vector-like objects.

The union, intersect, and setdiff methods for Vector objects return a Vector object containing respectively the union, intersection, and (asymmetric!) difference of the 2 sets of vector elements in x and y. The setequal method for Vector objects checks for set equality between x and y.

They're defined as follow: setMethod("union", c("Vector", "Vector"), function(x, y) unique(c(x, y)) ) setMethod("intersect", c("Vector", "Vector"), function(x, y) unique(x[x %in% y]) ) setMethod("setdiff", c("Vector", "Vector"), function(x, y) unique(x[!(x %in% y)]) ) setMethod("setequal", c("Vector", "Vector"), function(x, y) all(x %in% y) && all(y %in% x) ) so they work out-of-the-box on Vector objects for which c, unique, and %in% are defined.


  • union returns a Vector object obtained by appending to x the elements in y that are not already in x.

    intersect returns a Vector object obtained by keeping only the elements in x that are also in y.

    setdiff returns a Vector object obtained by dropping from x the elements that are in y.

    setequal returns TRUE if x and y contain the same sets of vector elements and FALSE otherwise.

    union, intersect, and setdiff propagate the names and metadata columns of their first argument (x).

See Also

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  • BiocGenerics::union,BiocGenerics::intersect, andBiocGenerics::setdiffin theBiocGenericspackage for general information about these generic functions.

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## See ?`Hits-setops` for some examples.
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