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by Steve Walker

Data sets from "SAS System for Mixed Models"

Data sets and sample lmer analyses corresponding to the examples in Littell, Milliken, Stroup and Wolfinger (1996), "SAS System for Mixed Models", SAS Institute.

Functions in SASmixed

Name Description
Mississippi Nitrogen concentrations in the Mississippi River
Cultivation Bacterial innoculation applied to grass cultivars
Bond Strengths of metal bonds
Multilocation A multilocation trial
WaferTypes Data on different types of silicon wafers
Semiconductor Semiconductor split-plot experiment
PBIB A partially balanced incomplete block experiment
Demand Per-capita demand deposits by state and year
TeachingII Teaching Methods II
HR Heart rates of patients on different drug treatments
Weights Data from a weight-lifting program
Animal Animal breeding experiment
Semi2 Oxide layer thicknesses on semiconductors
TeachingI Teaching Methods I
Genetics Heritability data
SIMS Second International Mathematics Study data
BIB Data from a balanced incomplete block design
IncBlk An unbalanced incomplete block experiment
AvgDailyGain Average daily weight gain of steers on different diets
WWheat Winter wheat
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Date 2014-03-11
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