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Single-Case Randomization Tests

Design single-case phase, alternation and multiple-baseline experiments, and conduct randomization tests on data gathered by means of such designs, as discussed in Bulte and Onghena (2013) <doi:10.22237/jmasm/1383280020>.

Functions in SCRT

Name Description
assignments All assignments possibilities
observed Observed test statistic
pvalue.random P-value using the Monte Carlo procedure
distribution.random Nonexhaustive randomization distribution
graph1 Graphical representation of single-case data
SCRT-package Single-Case Randomization Tests
distribution.systematic Exhaustive randomization distribution
pvalue.systematic P-value using the systematic procedure
ABAB Hypothetical ABAB data
quantity Number of assignment possibilities
selectdesign Selection on one assignment possibility
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Type Package
Date 2019-12-20
License GPL (>= 2)
Repository CRAN
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-12-20 19:35:50 UTC; Tamal
Date/Publication 2020-01-09 05:40:08 UTC

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