SJava v0.98.0

by Martin Morgan

The Omegahat interface for R and Java

An interface from R to Java to create and call Java objects and methods.

Functions in SJava

Name Description
.Java Invokes a Java method
.JavaSigs A vector of Java type specifiers
internal Functions for internal or illustrative use by SJava
javaSig Converts an R type name to a Java type
JavaConfiguration-class Class "JavaConfiguration"
interfaceGenerator Generates a template "closure" to represent a Java interface/class.
defaultJavaPath Obtain the Java path or other variable Sys.getenv
.JavaTerminate Terminates the Java Virtual Machine
mergePath Merges classpath specifications
RtoJavaSig Returns the Java type identifier for an R object
.javaConfig The default options for initializing the Java Virtual Machine
omegahatReference Creates a local object representing a Java reference
removeJavaConverter Removes a converter for R and Java objects in the R-Java interface.
javaIs Performs class comparisons for Java objects
setJavaConvertible Register a Java class as being convertible to an R object
.JavaInit Initialize or terminate the Java Virtual Machine
.JavaConstructor Create a Java object
getForeignReferences Get the names of the objects in the Omegahat system
.JClass Returns a reference to a Java class.
getJavaMethods List the methods or constructors of a Java object.
getJavaHandler Obtains the current R foreign reference manager
expandClassName The fully qualified name of a Java class
javaHandlerGenerator Manages exporting of R objects to Java/Omegahat and calls from the latter to R objects.
javaConfig Returns a configuration object for initializing the Java Virtual Machine
.JavaArrayConstructor Create and access elements of Java arrays from R.
foreignReference Create a reference to an R object for use by a foreing system.
.OmegahatExpression Execute an Omegahat/Java expression
isJavaInitialized Determines whether the JVM has been created.
convertFromToJava Convert Java instance to R instances and vice versa
.javaMatchFunctions Symbolic constants for how classes are matched in conversion
setJavaFunctionConverter Registers a function to convert between R and Java objects
getJavaConverterDescriptions Retrieves descriptions for the registered converters between R and Java objects.
setJavaConverter Add a converter from Java to an R object
.RSJava.symbol Expands a name to a C routine name in this package.
jdynamicCompile Dynamically Compile a Java Class
mergeProperties Creates the union of two named character vectors, converting to a Java-like property table
getNumJavaConverters Returns the number of converters registered between R and Java
setJavaHandler Register a handler for exporting R objects to foreign systems.
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License GPL (>= 2)
biocViews Infrastructure
PackageStatus Deprecated

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