Clear plotting device

Under some conditions, a device and its metadata need to be cleared manually. This can be done with either the new = TRUE argument within the call to Plot. Sometimes, the metadata of a previous plot will prevent correct plotting of a new Plot call. Use clearPlot to clear the device and all the associated metadata manually.

clearPlot(dev = dev.cur(), removeData = TRUE, force = FALSE)

# S4 method for numeric,logical clearPlot(dev = dev.cur(), removeData = TRUE, force = FALSE)

# S4 method for numeric,missing clearPlot(dev, force)

# S4 method for missing,logical clearPlot(removeData, force)

# S4 method for missing,missing clearPlot(dev = dev.cur(), removeData = TRUE, force = FALSE)


Numeric. Device number to clear.


Logical indicating whether any data that was stored in the .spadesEnv should also be removed; i.e., not just the plot window wiped.


Logical or "all". Sometimes the graphics state cannot be fixed by a simple clearPlot(). If TRUE, this will close the device and reopen the same device number. If "all", then all spades related data from all devices will be cleared, in addition to device closing and reopening.

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  • clearPlot,missing,missing-method
  • clearPlot,numeric,logical-method
  • clearPlot,numeric,missing-method
Documentation reproduced from package SpaDES, version 1.3.1, License: GPL-3

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